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As soon as I stumbled on that chart of the Total Lunar Eclipse of November 8, 2003 and saw the Sacred Geometry in its hexagonal planetary pattern, I immediately associated it with the Merkaba shaped mandala spoken of in the [then] current Ascensional literature.  I searched the Internet for such literature and found some outstanding pieces, several of which were posted (with permissions) on the Harmonic Concordance sites.

My first web “encounter” was with Jo Lynn, and through her The Teachers of the Universal Mind.  Another one was Sandy Stephens’ article, “What is Ascension.”  And then there was a conversation between me and Mother Earth channeled through Pepper Lewis called “Gaia Speaks.”

I also came across a very rich and unique site that had been put up by Lela Pritchard Soulier, a/k/a, Lea Galadriel, a/k/a the “Leopard Queen.”   Her essay, “Projection of Ascension,” proposes an Ascension which has basically the same landscape as that plotted out by the astrology of the Harmonic Concordance, as I saw it.  While her work speaks about higher “Dimensions,” what we see in her descriptions are actually qualities of what we call “Densities.” (this an interesting subject in itself, which I will explore in another blog post.)   While I don’t necessarily agree with, or understand, her conjectures on Dimensions, back when she wrote this essay (circa early 2000, I’m guessing), that vision of the “Ascended Environment” was cutting edge among writers of her bent.

Here, in the 4th dimensional physical reality that we do inhabit, when the Shift does actually happen, whenever it happens, we believe that we will see the same physical world, only minus those elements that detract from the perfection of an ascended Mother Gaia.  In other words, and in a relatively accessible metaphor, a “Seventh Heaven/Ascended Environment,” a place in which I, at least, would sure like to live.

The collective images offered by Jo, Sandy, Pepper, Lea and the others still present what we think most closely resembles the next home for our manifestation of Ascended Humankind.   Of course, theirs are not the only pieces that I found which present projected Ascension scenarios.   A few of the others are posted on the Harmonic Concordance site in the “Spirituality Portal” (still a great place to visit).

Check out their visions of what that Ascended landing place will look like for us.  We think that they do a good job in giving us a basic primer on Why are we here, Where are we going and How do we get there?