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Another Notable Connection

Posted June 24, 2014 By johnny

 Isaac’s Insights

Isaac George, a long time supporter of the Harmonic Concordance, a sometime contributor to this HCBlog and a close personal friend, produces his own Revealing the Mystery Blog.  In his Solstice posting earlier this month he put up a most heart felt and incisive rumination on Love, which I think is a pretty nifty piece of thinking re: Love, side to side and up and down. In it, he writes:

“…Love doesn’t knock on your front door, come in for tea, and then escape out
the bathroom window in the middle of the night. Love is inherently the same
thing we have come to call Life.  Life comes from Love, Love permeates Life.
It doesn’t come and go.  What it does seem to do within the human experience
is to flow and ebb according to its own needs, and the deepest needs of Her
Children…which is, of course, every life in the Cosmos…

“Love is about bliss, tranquility, intimacy, closeness, nurturing, patience, telepathic
communication and synchronicity.  It is also about passion, creative potential,
wildness, fierceness, and dissolution.  What Love is not trying to do is to keep
things safe and predictable.  If we truly believe that Love is the inherent “stuff”
of Life, then there is no constant except change itself, or evolution if you will.”

Please do spend a few worthwhile moments at Revealing the Mystery and have a look at the full piece, which I highly recommend, HERE.