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The Saga of Elsie and Lyn

Posted February 22, 2015 By johnny

I’ve know Lynda Hill both as a fine astrologer and dear friend since the early days of my Harmonic Concordance journey, dating back to before the turn of the millennium.  In coming to know her I have become familiar with the story of Elsie Wheeler and Lynda’s multifaceted connections to her.  It is an intriguing tale that she has divulged in several works and speaking engagements over the years, with the latest installment appearing in a fascinating AUDIO blog entry.

From Lynda’s introductory comments:

Here is a story of Elsie Wheeler and some amazing synchronicities, plus a few
ghost stories and a bit about the original scene of the story of The Exorcist
(yes, from the movie) and a bit about my life and hers.  It’s a wild ride.  I hope you enjoy it!

An Few Amazing Stories About Elsie Wheeler –
A Plot Larger Than Life And More Fabulous Than Fiction

Please do give it a listen.