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Many astrologers have opined about this May’s Mercury Retrograde, but the best piece I have seen comes from Marina Macario, who writes at Darkstar Astrology.  Here, not only does she delve into the significance of “the most powerful Mercury retrograde of the year,” but she also dips into the import and role the Fixed Stars play at this time, something that most write-ups on “The Wretch’s” Retrograde don’t mention.  Marina also provides a Calendar of significant Mercury Retrograde Period Dates, which includes the “just as bad” shadow periods (the first of which we’re in right now, btw) that extend the Retrograde period to almost two full months.   It’s a great piece and I heartedly recommend it for your astrological enlightenment.

But did you know that Mercury has another side, as one might expect from the Planet that rules the dual bodied sign, Gemini?  I have called those spans of time, during which the “Winged Messenger” can literally fly through the Zodiac as rapidly as an amazing 2+ degrees a day, Mercury’s Peak Weeks.  

Now if Mercury’s Retrograde can cause all manners of disruption in our thinking, communication and commerce, might not this “universal trickster” bring a surprisingly positive element into play regarding all things Mercurial?  Just to check this out, I did a little research that might validate this assumption.  I looked at the birth dates of some of history’s well known thinkers and communicator’s.  Take a look at some of those famous names who were born during a Mercury Peak week, many of who I might venture to put into the “genius” category.

Galileo Galilei Elizabeth Payson Prentiss Joseph Campbell
Samuel Johnson Jules Verne Stendhal
Immanuel Kant Christina Rossetti Tennessee Williams
David Hume Emily Dickenson Orson Wells
Francisco Goya Thomas Hardy Betty Friedan
Johann Goethe Alexander Graham Bell Gene Roddenberry
Wolfgang Mozart Charles Huysmans Lee Iacocca
Charles Marie Fourrier Robert Louis Stevenson Marilyn Monroe
Samuel Taylor Coleridge Sigmund Freud Allen Ginsberg
Charles Lamb Henri Matisse Jacqueline Kennedy
Thomas Townsend Brown Marcel Proust Grace Kelly
Arthur Schopenhaur Jack London Elvis Presley
Hans Christian Anderson Albert Einstein Woody Allen
Fekix Mendelsohn Adolph Hitler Bill Cosby
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Ludwig Wittgenstein Robert E Zoller
William Makepeace Thackery Paul Joseph Goebbls Elsie Wheeler
Dr. David Livingstone Alan Turing Edwin Hubble

Now I don’t know about you, but as far as I’m concerned, that’s quite an impressive line-up.  Think Mercury moving at such a swift pace at these births was any indication that these folks were exceptionally gifted, for good or ill, in those Mercury ruled domains?

If you might be further interested, here’s a link to a piece I wrote back in ’09 for the NCGR’s San Diego Chapter that covers the same ground in slightly more detail.

Finally, I might suggest that, to paraphrase a guy named Will, that “The fault is not in our stars,… but in ourselves…”  In other words, although we can often be prone to experiencing Mercury foul-ups, If we are forewarned of these times, we can prevent to worst of them by simply paying closer attention to the details than we might normally do during The Wretch’s Retrogrades.

 PS  In case you’re interested, the Peak Weeks for this Mercury cycle are from July 14 through July 29.  You might check your schedule for this period of acceleration and, if possible, do any important Mercury related work during these fortuitous days.