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The Harmonic Concordance Blog is a unique clearinghouse for a select and diverse group of authors who are willing to share some of the insights and knowledge gained from their own Spiritual Quests. These observations, presented in service to that Quest, offer each “Voice’s” particular piece of the Spiritual pie – and are dedicated to what may be called, our “Spiritual Literacy.”  


This Week’s Voice
November 28, 2016

Johnny Mirehiel

anthony-clavien-the-universe-is-listeningImage Credit: Anthony Clavien

Sometimes You Just Have to Listen to the Universe

Dear Friends, Followers, and Fellow Voices of the Harmonic Concordance Blog:

For nearly three years now we have provided Monday morning posts on a wide variety of spiritual and/or metaphysical themes.  It has been my labor of love.

This past November 8th should have found us in a celebratory mood, as it marked the 13th anniversary of the Blog’s namesake, the Harmonic Concordance.  However, as many of you know, it found me in hospital awaiting the first of what turned out to be four surgical procedures over the following days.

Having survived those procedures, I was released last Monday.  While happy to be home and in the loving care of my wife, Jan, the post-op period has left me enervated, weak, and unable to focus sufficiently on this work.  In spite of my plans to continue, and even expand upon the Blog’s online presence, it seems the Universe has thought otherwise.  Consequently, I now find it necessary to shutter it, at least for the time being, while I continue my recuperation and return to full strength.

So for now, let me offer my deepest Gratitude to readers and contributors alike for the outpouring of Prayers and Spiritual energy sent my way.  I hope to be writing about my 15 day “vacation” soon, but for now let me extend my heartfelt wishes for the happiest of Holiday Seasons to all of you.  I will post a Facebook announcement when we are ready to resume regular operations.  In the meantime, I humbly ask for your continued prayers and Spiritual energies directed towards my full recovery.

I ask that you share this message with others you may know of who have followed the Concordance Blog.

Johnny Mirehiel


Conversations with Spirit

Universally speaking, the first and last key in this Quest is, as the ancient Delphic Oracle tells us, “Man, know thyself.” Beyond that admonition, the Oracle adds, “… for to know thyself is to know the Gods.”  There are almost as many methods for the cultivation and practice of this Self-knowledge as there are individuals.

These Conversations with Spirit represent that which speaks to and for each of our Voices.  Their essays can be found archived on our Blog, by Author or Theme.  Additionally, a newly featured “Conversation” is introduced here on this Featured Page each Monday.

We hope you enjoy and benefit from your stay at the Blog.  Please do feel free to join our conversations by leaving us your comments, thoughts, or questions.  All input is welcome. 

About The Harmonic Concordance

The sacred geometry and astrological patterns of the Harmonic Concordance moment/event depict the Spiritually activated HU-man Being operating at the Center of all Creation.  This enduring stellar message is a both a carrot and a prod: the more we accept and activate our own partnership with the Spirit that animates the All That Is, the more clearly we will see that we ourselves are the Creators of this daily 3-D experience.  Learn more HERE.