7/17/17: Buddha’s Brain

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This Week’s Voice
July 17, 2017

Rick Hanson, PhD and Rick Mendius, MD

Image Credit: Crazy Frankenstein


Buddha’s Brain

This week, Rick Hanson and Rick Mendius tell us that the intersection and integration of psychology,
neurology, and contemplation – is the “heartwood” of personal well-being and spiritual
growth and suggest that the movement of Buddhism into the West has created an
historically unprecedented opportunity for it to inform science, and vice versa.


Conversations with Spirit 

Universally speaking, the first and last key in this Quest is, as the ancient Delphic Oracle tells us, “Man, know thyself.”  Beyond that admonition, the Oracle adds, “… for to know thyself is to know the Gods.”  Indeed, there are almost as many methods for the cultivation and practice of this Self-knowledge as there are individuals.

These Conversations with Spirit represent that which speaks to and for each of our Voices.  Their essays can be found archived on our Blog, by Author or Theme.  Additionally, a newly featured “Conversation” is introduced here on this Featured Page each Monday morning.

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