A Projection Of Ascension I

The dear soul known to us as Lela Galadriel, aka The Leopard Queen, has shuffled off this mortal
coil.  Surely the place she describes here bears a close resemblance to the Ascended Planet
which she she now inhabits.  Blessing, dearest Lela.  You are missed and always loved.

A Projection of Ascension I
The Leopard Queen

This three-part collection has been excerpted from the longer piece which first appeared on the
Harmonic Concordance website, the now defunct Astrosite.com.  Lela’s 
clear-eyed vision
of Ascension serves us as a constant reminder of the destination of all Ascending Beings.

The concept of Ascension means different things to different people.  It is our intent to define Ascension as we understand it, and to talk about possible realities, probable realities, conjectures, and plain old guesses.  Let’s jump right in.

Ascension is, at the very least, the process of moving Earth and its inhabitants from a third-dimensional consciousness to a fourth-dimensional consciousness.  We would use the word “reality” to substitute “consciousness” – except that we agree that “reality” is a concept, or state of being, that is agreed upon collectively.

We believe that Ascension is actually a physical process that encompasses all planes of awareness – physical, mental, and astral.  By “physical process” we mean that all elements of a man’s make-up is comprised of matter.  Thus, while humans today distinguish between mental (physical logic), astral (emotional), and spiritual (that which combines and is accepted by both mental and astral), the truth is all three planes comprise any one person’s physical reality.

In Base 24, there is a good description of a singular dimension.  The dimensions are considered octavical (moving in cycles of eight).  In the third-dimension physical plane, there are seven sub-planes; this is also true for the mental and astral planes.  So, we have three states of consciousness (mental, physical, astral) with seven sub-planes to the fourth-dimension.

These cycles do not always move in harmony; they are ever shifting, but as the gravity of Light and Love being radiated by millions on Earth, the “frequencies” of those 24 sub-planes are being forced ever upward, toward the fourth-dimension.

We expect that there will be “one perfect moment” – as we know it in the third-dimension – when the 24 planes resonate perfectly, and all humans incarnate on this planet will be aware of that moment on a physiological, cellular level.  However, that “one perfect moment” will not remain static – as collective kinetic energy never quite does.  However, that “one perfect moment” will act as the Perfect Key to unlock the tumblers of Earth physiology.  Many Solutions will become available then, and will remain available, even while the sub-planes are in fluctuation.

The sub-planes remaining in fluctuation are a normal shift and flow of energy.  An analogy would be the ocean, as the tide washes in, recedes, and then pushes forward again, further than before, and “maxes out” at high tide.  Once “high tide” pushes all 24 sub-planes into the fourth-dimension, those will remain, and Earth will be “locked” into the fourth-dimension, and will not regress back to the third-dimension.

On a cellular level, individual humans who had given no prior conscious thought to raising his vibration will receive the “call” in his mind and soul, and he will instinctively understand that he stands upon a Threshhold, and that the time to make his choice – to go forward, or to remain, is becoming critical.  The “one perfect moment” is that one moment when the soul and the persona both stand at “zero-time” and will – together – make their Universal choice to unite, or to part, or to reintegrate with the Cosmic Soul – to individuate again later.

More about the Threshold; this has many names and meanings in different cultures, but I use Threshold here to mean that pinnacle of “fusion of awareness” between the mental, physical and astral planes of each individual, and where – for perhaps the first time since they incarnated on Earth – will have the perfect “window” with which to see themselves, their environment, and to see themselves as one with God, or as small as a micro-atom – and to know that they are the same.  No matter what choices are made, the” Separative Will” will be a thing of the past, in the fourth-dimension.

There will be those who choose not to ascend, and that is perfectly acceptable and correct for those persons.  What will most likely happen is that they will either remain in the third-dimension (and they will remain in the “past-history” of Earth.)  Also likely is that they will “transfer” to other areas of existence of awareness in this universe or others.  The “worst” thing that might happen to those people (depending on your viewpoint) is that they may consign themselves to sub-planes of the third-dimension.

The important thing to know is that NO ONE IS CONDEMNED.  All choices made are free and respected choices, and while we would like for everybody to ascend, we also accept that different souls have different needs, and that one soul cannot measure the rightness of another’s Purpose.  The Universe – and the Creator – is not omniscient.  The Wise Ones can tell us what was, and to some extent what is, but not always what will be.  This is a particular responsibility of people on Earth – to create our own future.  We can’t get answers outside of ourselves, because we are the ones creating the solutions.

In a world where we depend on parents, clergy, and even governmental figures (God forbid!) it is hard for humans to accept that they hold the answers – to questions that haven’t been asked yet.  This is why humans are critical to the Ascension process – they are the ones who will define what is to be!  This is also why it is important that humans DO ask questions – so that the “workers” can start working on solving those problems, and finding the answers that are available – or those that could be.

There is a concept known (and feared) by some called Judgment Day.  Our perception of Judgment Day is NOT that there is a calendar coordinated event; there is no parent-teacher conference between Ourselves and God.   Judgment Day is, we think, a simplistic term to describe the Dweller on the Threshold.  What this means is that every human will come face-to-face with his higher self, and it we be at that time that a persona in incarnation will have an opportunity to see a “psychic slide show” of his own life, and to determine if he needs to progress with his Lessons in that path, or if he needs to redirect his soular purpose to a more harmonious, unified path that correlates more directly with the general path of Humanity.

We also believe that the Dweller on the Threshold is the “Shadow” of every man; and that every man must face and accept his own Shadow – that which appears to make him dark, or negative – especially as he may have been trained in negativistic schools of thought that emphasized the “beast” in man’s nature – rather than learning that the “dark side of man” is little more than a flip side of a coin, the mirror by which man learns his own weaknesses and strengths, and eventually turns both to right Purpose.

A Projection of Ascension II