A Six-Pack of Past Posts

Over the past two plus years, this Harmonic Concordance Blog has posted more than 160 articles from more than 40 authors and Spiritual seekers.  As we will be taking this week to celebrate the forthcoming wedding of our son, we would like to invite you to revisit a selected Six Pack of articles that represent a range of information, views and experiences related to bringing Spirit into our daily lives.  We hope you will find them as enjoyable and relevant this second time around as we did the first time they were published here.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Cultivating the Field

Jan Lundquist reminisces about her recent experiences of “cultivating the field” in the midst of
the madness of Manhattan.

The Best of Us

Isaac George shares his experiences during and after attending a “Re-Birthing” presentation.

The Higher Self

The Teachers of The Universal Mind, channeling through Jo Amidon, explain functions of the
Higher Self and how attuning to It helps us grow, mature & flourish.

Gratitude – It’s what’s for Diner

Ascended Master Hillarion points out that gratitude holds the key to the “energetic sweet
spot of connection and joyful appreciation.”

 The New Science of Instant Transformation

Cynthia Sue Larsen tells us how to use “Quantum Jumping” to become happier and more
prosperous and to live the life of our dreams.

The Joy of Spirituality

Owen Waters writes fluidly about dolphins, spiritual joy, and the joy that comes with establishing
a conscious, flowing Soul-Spirit connection.