Creating a Perfect World I

The Mirror
(Scribed by Shelli Buhr)

Shelli Buhr

Greetings, I am Hope.  I am here to share with you today messages from Nature and the gifts of Creation.  It is time for you to remember.  Life offers the knowledge and tools necessary for survival and growth, joy and celebration, peace, healing, and harmony; all through the messages mirrored in our world.  Understanding the significant purpose nature offers you can hold a mirror for obstacles some may be struggling with at this time.  Think of Earth as your mirror of Truth.  Seek the freedom in that Truth and, like the eagle, soar with with its acute sight and freedom.  

Life is precious and divine.  It holds so many messages if you choose to see things through this symbolic lens.  The reflection of Universal Truth, Nature offers you tools for basic survival.  Nature holds up a mirror to show how you can heal, grow, learn, adapt, and create.

You are here to do great things and, if you are reading this now, you are opening to your path on this journey.  When you asked Spirit to provide for you so that you can take those risks, Nature came as an answer to your prayer.  Please let me explain.

When you see the birds in the trees surrounding your homes, please know that you are in the presence of energetic beings; they offer to guide you, to watch over and to protect you.  They bring a song of hope.  When you see the bees buzzing and moving from flower to flower, know that they are teaching you how the cornerstone of life is built on the foundation of Creation.  As they cross-pollinate from flower to flower, they provide us with precious foods, but their nectar not only feeds the planet, it’s also the foundation for your existence which, is also key to the survival of ecosystems. 

The Sun, the Earth, the Sea, the Moon, the rivers, the trees, the animals – all of Nature have their purpose in co-creation with us.  Bears show us strength and healing, the fox, cunning, the dog, loyalty and salmon stand for persistence as they continue to swim upstream a few feet at a time and against tremendous currents.  All of these pictures of nature can show you skills you can use in your own survival, growth, and creation.

The Sun is life energy and power, but can be harmful if you are not conscious of its strength.  Think of the Sun as your most perfect expression.   When you are not in your Sun, you bask in the moonlight, learning more about yourselves, as we stand in the shadow!  The Sun is who you truly ARE: your magnificence, your radiance, and and your joy.  Just like the Earth, Gaia shares with you a place to live.  She can be destroyed if not taken care of, just like your own body would be if not loved and nurtured.  How vulnerable are we when our bodies are weakened?

Then again, being vulnerable is also perfect because you can learn to recognize that you are but a reflection of the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon, inclusive.  YOU ARE ALL THAT THERE IS!

The veil is thinning.  It has been a buffer for the fourth dimensional elementals and guides.  As this happens, some people might feel a loss of their guidance.  Sadly, many feel that they have lost too much or feel so alone.  But we assure you, this is not truth.  We have never left you.  We are you.  We see you take these major risks in recovering the missing pieces of Self that you have left behind, in your traumas and betrayals, your pain, anger and resentments.  For you to heal you must gather all of the fragments of your Self that have been left behind in these experiences as you step into Your Creator Self.

This veil has simply been a protective tool as you learn to know your Self, again, for the magnificence of who you really are.  Just like the ozone layer is merely a buffer between Earth and the Sun protecting you, the fourth dimension is this same buffer. But the veil is thinning and it will be essential to integrate those fragments of the Self as you reclaim your ONE-ness in the reflection of the Sun and your truest expression of your shining.  We say this because we already know this, but you must believe that you are the Creator of all that encompasses your life – as you write the scripts and choose the players in your dramas.  Otherwise you may just be looking at someone else’s story, from the outside in.

Strive for more.  Remember to BE ALL THAT THERE IS, which means reclaim those unhealed fragments.  Life is like a bouquet of flowers; each has their own scent, color, and vibrancy, none less than extraordinary, which doesn’t come from every flower looking the same.  Each color, each wound, each marking tells another piece of your life’s story.

The ecosystems are the chakras of the Earth.  When all of the ecosystems, or chakras are integrated, Earth’s energy is flowing and all of Its parts work together as a whole.  Take this understanding to a personal level to see the reflection of how to create and manifest in your life.  Communities and societies each have their animals and plants which are unique to their surroundings and, although it’s not impossible to change, there is still a process of re-adjustment and acclimation to your new surroundings, and definitely to a new reality.

Like the tides and lunar cycles, there is balance between movement and receptivity that gives the space for periods of re-adjustment to the changes.  Some pieces of your old structure are imprinted through your patterns of behavior.  If you needed change, change comes as your reflection.  “Listen to the whisper, or get hit by the brick” is a saying that reminds you to pay attention to us.  We want to help.  Use it to find balance, to receive and to reflect, to plan and to act…in other words, to create. Most importantly, be grateful.  Sometimes it may feel as though change is that a brick.  We, however, see it as the brick in your very foundation.  We see this as completion.

So, when you view your world, view it from the unseen perspective; see it from your mind’s internal eye.  Even things that appear to be destructive, can bring about the most healing; the ice caps are melting as we melt some of our own icy places, bringing us the opportunity for fresh, clean water, as the winds and rains cleanse, shed, and release what is old, to make way for the new.  Even the ground’s shaking can remind us that now is a time to be awakened.

We offer you a KISS, and that is to Keep It Simple Sweetheart.  Look for the symbols to understand why things happen, or better yet, be grateful for whatever does come your way so that you can grow to your highest potential.  Perhaps your limited sight is what holds you back from soaring like the eagles of life.

You are the stars, all shining at different magnitudes, but none are less beautiful to watch and admire.  Honor life, Nature, and your Self.   And and please, please, please, honor All That There Is because, just like a jigsaw puzzle, each piece fits together, as it should.  There is no error.  There is only judgment of error, or the error in judgment itself.  As we enter this final judgment, taste the freedom.  Know that this is the key to setting you free.  Remember that each day as you create your own sweet nectar. 

Be the Sun.  You no longer need the veil because you are ready.  You no longer need the veil because IT IS YOU who is the Divine Creator.

I sing to you this song of Hope.  In Love, Light, and Reverence, this is our prayer.

Greetings, I AM Hope.