Creating a Perfect World


Shelli Buhr is the author of the channeled series, Creating a Perfect World, or CPW for short. Many people ask “Who is being channeled,” but that is a long story and can be briefly answered in the next few paragraphs.

Maybe this message is just for me, and to think that it should be anything more than that is presumptuous on my part, but it’s the beauty in these words that make me question if they are mine. In some sense, everything I write has to go through my personal filters but when there is a message that doesn’t feel like it’s from me, and I feel compelled to write, even against my better judgment, meaning… you want me to say what?????, that is the material I consider to be channeled.

Besides, I am not so humble and unconditional in my thinking. I am just as human as anyone else. I rely on the same thing we all do… our experience, common sense, information and knowledge, and our belief systems that help put everything together. When I wrote CPW, it was different. The words seemed to resonate through my whole being as the words of the message flows through me. I didn’t stop to think about what to say next. I couldn’t stop.

This writing is called automatic writing. That means I literally go… well, type. More like I close my eyes and the words just seem to flow from my fingertips. Of course, edits have been made, not to change the message, but to clean up the message since us humans have this thing for perfection… (not my words but definitely my thoughts!!)

I would like to point out that my guides are laughing here because they think we are funny in our perfection since perfection is merely the illusion of perception, the Perfection in Perception, or vice versa. Not sure which is funnier to them but they definitely have a sense of humor…

My channeling partners for CPW didn’t really give me a name. Sorry folks but there are no bells and whistles with these people, people? Mmm, maybe not people, more like energies that came forward to share the information that I feel compelled to write. The energies are distinct, different. Sometimes it feels masculine, in fact, more often it has been masculine but I have had several feminine energies come forward to share. Regardless of the energy, it always felt free, light, unconditional. It was loving and almost poetic. There were no restraints, no judgments, only caring, energy holding the space for our best and highest.

Why the name Hope? Since the desire for these messages was more about inspiring a feeling to create from the words of the message, I had to work it out for myself whether these messages were personal to me or whether this was something I felt I was meant to share. Regardless, the same feeling kept coming through the words, a sense of HOPE. It was not really about the entity’s name being Hope but the sense of Hope that I felt over me as I continued to write the messages that were meant to bring about Hope. To this day, that sense has never changed, in fact, the more connected to the energy, the more inspired I feel in wanting to share Creating a Perfect World. To give you an example, here is an excerpt from the message, The Relating in Relationships.

Greetings, I am Hope. Our goal is to share with you these messages of light towards the gift of creation. It is time for you to remember your Light. When I say, “Your Light” I mean the Light that “you are,” the light you emit; the Light that you gracefully share with others on a daily basis as you give of yourselves. This is your light of Self, of expression, and of Soul. This is about knowing who you are. Becoming what you must be in the times to come.

One who understands life as wholeness, can appreciate the gifts that are being offered. It is you, precious One, whom I lovingly call Hope. It is the Hope that we desire to bring to you. May you accept this gift of all you can be.

I write these messages to you as Hope. Hope is ONE, all aspects of the human experience. We are a council of energies who come to share messages that can offer a glimpse of coming times. We see life changing.

If you are struggling through life and not sure of how to proceed, or it’s the same for those you love, the message for us is clear… begin with hope. As nothing else may seem to make any sense, that’s OK. We are not here to offer you any sense, but to offer you a way out of the non-sense: the opposite of trying to make something fit into the box. Instead, we offer a way out, a way up, and way through … and it begins with the sentence…

Greetings, I am Hope.