Creating a Picture Perfect World III

Reflections of Relationships
Shelli Buhr

Shelli Buhr

Greetings, I am Hope.  I share with you the messages from nature and the gift of creation.  It is time for you to remember your Light.  When I say, “your Light” I mean the Light that “you are,” that you emit, the Light that you share with others.  This is your light of Self, and Soul, and invariably, who you gracefully are. 

While you are reading this, I want you to mirror the word “Godful” every time you read the word “graceful.”  You are full of God when you are full of Grace. 

I write these messages to you as Hope.  Hope is ONE, all aspects of the human experience.  One who understands life as wholeness, so we can all appreciate the gifts that are being offered to us.  It is you, precious One, whom I lovingly call Hope.  Every time you say you are … That becomes the projection of who you are.  I am Hope.  Do you see how lovely that is?  Do you see the power behind this simple way of Be-ing?  Today, this message is shared to mirror to you Symbology.   Please take a moment and relax the mind and just “Be.”  Can you hear Hope still echoing in your ears?

To help you better understand symbology, simply view it as a language.  Switch your intellectual gears into an observing role and view what it means to you.  See your words as already done or actualized.  If you are not happy about the images you are glimpsing, then chances are, you are ready for a change.

Pay particular attention to emotions and feelings you are experiencing.  Your emotional, spiritual, and physical experiences could be shouting at you to get your attention; the attention you experience through your struggles with emotions or intimacy, money, or your ability to feel creative.  Depression and stress occur and eventually it affects your body, as it actualizes through all of the states of be-ing, the Emotional Self, the Spiritual Self, the Physical Self, as well as the Mental Self.

Perhaps its time to ask your thinking mind to surrender all of its holds and integrate into all of your be-ing with each and every breath of life.  You Can Integrate All Of You and Be Live!  Allow your Self to live wholly, fully, and completely!  You are deserving of nothing less then so time to release the perception that we should settle, and move into the creation of your utmost beauty- You.

Sometimes when your perception of this existence comes “into sight,” it appears to look as if it is the same.  What “ap-pears” is merely what your mental eyes peer into, of what you think to see.   Listen to these words… What   you   think   to   see.   How much of your past goes into your perception, into your reality?  What appears to you to be the same, in actuality constantly shifts with the subtlest of change maybe not always seen.  Even if you did nothing, I guarantee nothing would not be your reality!  Ponder this for a moment, say you completely dropped out of sight…   

Have you ever given any thought as to why the Earth is shaped in a ball?  Besides that we are here to have a giant Ball, this circular globe is consistently spinning, as it evolves through your cyclical experiences.  Everything begins and ends somewhere.  The seasons begin with fiery Aries, and end with the Spirit of Pisces; from your head to your toes, you find experience and understanding.   Even your birthday marks a beginning and an ending of your own personal Creator cycle.

The spherical shape of the globe symbolizes completion, the activation of all of the elements in one embodiment.  You are One.  One Light, One Love, One Peace, One Joy.   You are here to shine your smiles and your love centered gazes with each other.  Can you imagine how this already changes your yesterdays? What if the entire world smiled at you today?  And tomorrow too.  Can you truly imagine this glory of Grace?

There is so much beauty in feeling love.  There is so much beauty in giving and receiving love.  The honor of oneself, to perfect one’s Self, is to meet the swan.  To perfect One Self is to be continuously evolving, One fluid movement, gracefully intertwined within another.  Much like the flow of the Swan.  Some may remember the Swan as the once “ugly duckling,” who was transformed into refinement.  In my eyes, there was never any change, but merely growth, merely the shedding of the old perception into a new one. 

The Swan is pure, perhaps even more so as the duckling, because it’s vulnerability and unsurety sometimes creates movements that may appear awkward or that do not always flow.  But eventually, over time, the swan glides over the tepid lakes of emotion, the mirrored lake of glass, which allows us to see in.  The swan learns to glide effortlessly.  The swan looks down, sees in the reflection, its true beauty.  Beauty did not come from a changing of feathers; rather it came from learning to swim and learning to glide.  Beauty comes from the knowledge of understanding when the waves of emotions were high and perhaps treacherous, or the soft breeze became your gentle sail.  The grace of the swan teaches us that through one single movement or Be-ing, we can learn to be the Divine Flow.

There is a saying, “Be in the world, but not of the world.”  This is your life experience here on Earth.  This is where you choose to initiate your learning.  Simply stated, you are a “Be-in(g).”  (Be In God,” the Creator, the creative flow.)  When you are of the world, then you are part of the tribal thinking, beliefs, and structures.  This is where we are taught “who” we are through the years of conditions, patterns, and programs by each person who is guiding and teaching us, molding us into perfect little girls and boys; you are part of the tribe who helps define ugliness, as well as your prettiness, for you.   When you look into the mirror and see your Self standing there, is it your image you see or the reflection of who they said you were?  After time, you began to believe that this perception was the image of what you thought you look like.  This began your separation into duality, the separation of your Be-in Self, and the image you were part of.   

It also began the process of understanding that your perception is what shapes and defines your reality.  Whatever the out-picturing of some reality is, be sure that even if you feel it’s the last final judgment of some thing, that image can also be altered as new experiences and people come into our lives.  Just like the image is shaped as you are taught as a child, it can be shaped as you are taught as an adult.  The experience is past, not to harm but to provide knowledge for creation and manifestation.

Imagine your Self as the swan.  Pretend to take one step, which is one graceful movement across the rippling lake of feeling.  See how you glide?  Your feet of understanding will oar you through life, and take you down the paths of your experiences, guiding you through the rough water with calm breezes.  With every glide you are graceful.  You simply sashay into the next moment where you are “Be” in.  You are the creator, in the world, but not of its expectations. 

As you re-define who you are, your identity, you will have your own viewpoints, feelings and means of expression.  Some swans are not even white in color, but black as night, the darkest black that is illuminated by its white wings, the innocent wings of freedom.  When you begin to view your Self as the one whose choices are in charge of creating these gentle movements, you begin to understand that your experience, today, is fully yours.  No one can experience it quite like you feel it, perceive it, or even understand it.  The reflection in your internal world is not available to the external world, unless of course, you choose to express to others. 

As those changes subtly come in, then consciousness comes in.  You begin to have more of your Self present in the now, and from this place you have more of You – paying attention to the things that are happening in your external world.  The more you understand, the more you will begin to move beyond that place or state of BE-ing into another place, usually shifting by some choice, person, or experience that you have created when you were present in another moment.  See, the key is understand that everything that you are accomplishing in this very moment is exactly the foundation that the next moment’s possibilities can stem from.  And just like the tree branch, it can splinter off into many places, creating along the way, this gigantic tree, firm with roots, yet the new Spring’s growth and aged leaves are also on that same tree. 

As you begin to view your outer world, (branches) from the viewpoints of the integrated inner you, (roots) it is then that you can see which parts of the tree need to be pruned for the optimum health of the tree’s growth and survival.  You begin to see more of the glimmers of your True Self mirrored back at you.  You believe the likeness of your own beauty’s reflection, as you sing with your incredible voice, or write with your emotion-filled pen, or hold someone’s hand with your heart and very Be-ing.  You touch people with a smile and change the outlook of someone’s day. 

You are the Light.  In order to re-discover all that you are, you will un-cover all that you are not.  You re-de-fine the image staring at you in the mirror until it is solely yours, and you love it with all of your Be-ing.  You are nothing less than perfect.   

As we know consciousness, we integrate with yet another part of Self-truth, and through that unity, we awaken to our own inner harmony and balance.  We observe that the internal sketch is being shaped and shifted through our many experiences and travels.   We view a more personal rendition of the first sketch and, as we peer more deeply into the internal Self, we see aspects we are not longer willing to carry.  Through our intention and action, we polish up this image, making it realistic to our own truth as our awareness grows; like the lotus flower, we gestate in dark, decaying places, so the new growth can blossom forth into the rich and glorious flower. 

As you expand your consciousness, you find that there are re-actions that you do not always understand or are aware of.  This is the un-conscious self or the blind self.  Sometimes seeing your reflection in the mirrored illustration is exactly what is necessary to see clearly.  This reflection is your external mirror, simply said, this mirror is your peers.  Consider this “trigger” your signal that there is another piece of you waiting to be shown forth in truth, harmonized, and integrated, all through life’s journey of daily experiences, which we gain in life’s school: work, family, romance, social classes, and financial matters, etc.

Along the road, we find traveling companions.  These teachers are companions on the same journey, looking everywhere for the missing aspects of their own image.  There is nothing missing.  Again, you are wholeness manifest.  You are all that is in existence.  Sometimes the reminder of who you are will come from your play mates. 

Say that before this incarnation, you and Mary agreed to help each other re-member your true beauty.  You agreed that on some particular part of this journey, you will have exactly the right archetypal make-up for each other to transcend these un-conscious aspects into BE-ing. 

Ok, so you are ready now and Mary comes into your life at a time when you are struggling with your issue of feeling abandoned or of a lack of nurturing by your mother.  Mary waltzes in like the breeze and her presence makes you feel good.  There is a part of you that resonates with Mary; perhaps her touch, or her soft voice feels comfortable, maybe even familiar.  Your immediate re-action may be fearful, but her smile melts away the fear, as the good melts away the fear.  Mary, by holding you, externalizes the feelings of your inner world by holding her in return.  She mirrors back to you love and warmth.  You feel it, internally, because certainly you are not walking around with flames on your arms, lips, or hands.  Well, you get the picture.  You like love and warmth.  You feel nurtured.  You are Love – given and received. 

Let’s look at this vibrationally.  Let’s look at your vibration-ally!  When you are aligned to the Divine Self, there is a magnetic vibration to being in love.  Have you ever been in love or watched others who are?  People do the silliest things, like forgetting to eat, they talk to themselves, or miss the street they were suppose to turn at.  Someone may tell you an unkind thing – and you don’t care.  You may smile and tell him or her to have a nice day, totally oblivious of that person’s upset because that vibration does not match, or it misses, yours. 

You are connected to your Divine Self.  You see the reflection of your own loveliness and magnificence through your partner’s eyes, gentle words, and loving touches.  You want to “be” and express how wonderful you are.  When you are aligned with the Soul, then your actions are taken with faith and trust; this does not discount that there may be fear present, but the faith and trust are strong enough to be the weighing value to persuade the decision.  You may not see what is around each corner, but you take pleasure in celebrating life itself.  You don’t have to know because you don’t care about the outcome because you are already living it!  Vibrationally, you are alive!  And better yet, nothing can stop you because you are so much into the light that you are fearless!

Then comes a flicker of doubt, sending a thought out to Universe; we give you an experience so we are reflecting it back to you.  You begin to panic, thinking you are lost and alone, lacking in guidance.  Perhaps you may even think that you are evil, but remember that “evil” is your mirror of “live.”  Everything you “Be” is what you “live,” and therefore, what you be-lieve.  We have to leave a little evil in there for you to make life a little more interesting.  And it’s by that paradox of missing something that you begin to search.  You seek out ways to retrieve what you feel you have lost.  You begin to veer off to the left or to the right, behind, and even sometimes right in front, of the Divine Self.

Things are moving along, some rocky times have occurred, you are struggling to remain in control of this situation or relationship.  The panic sets in; having Mary part of your life feels good.   Love feels good.  But the saboteur murmurs, I do not deserve good, everyone in my life who was ever good to me has let me down.  Even the mother who gave me life, who loved me and was good to me, re-married, leaving me to fend for myself.  You get the gist.  Your feelings for Mary have now re-minded you or triggered the feelings of that past betrayal.

Mary shares with you love and joy.  She also triggers the past betrayal that is connected with the cellular memory embedded in your body.  This nurturing feeling is good and you want it to grow.  So you let Mary stay in your life.  Mary shares with you many experiences that create a foundation of a safe place for you to open up and talk about your emotions.  Mary also comes in to share with you the pleasure of co-existing with another.  Mary is sharing with you love.   She shows you the lovely aspects that she is in love with.  As Mary becomes a more important in your life, it inspires you want to take care of your Self.  What you are receiving in Mary is your OWN mirrored reflection of who you are Back!

As I spoke of last month, I spoke of the path and of balance and karma.  Through every single choice you do not follow your heart’s desire, you take a step off the journey, yet one more step on to another direction.  As you align with the Divine Self, you are Divine.  Even as your journey down the different roads, you re-member that you are Divine, and begin to backtrack onto the original way.  It is here that I nudge you forward, or rather back.  Sometimes this way down the pathway is a harsh one to walk through because you are literally re-doing everything you once did.

When you have doubt in your Divine Self, you surrender your power by giving it away.  You say to your partners, I will give you my heart, but be gentle with it.  I give you my love, but I have been hurt in the past so my expectation is that you do not hurt me.  Honestly, if you could say exactly these things, you would see your healing process quicken.  Many are still un-conscious; remember to smile because You are the Light.  Take the Sword of Excalibur back and be free to explore your Integrity, which is the ultimate process of integration.  In doing so, you begin the demise if the illusion, integrate duality in One-ness, wholeness, and completion.  There is no imperfection in Heaven.  You life is the manifestation of Heaven, as you are God.

What you perceive as evil is unspeakable.  If you do not speak evil, then you are not… you see not, you hear not, you are not!  In that simple embracing of what is vulnerable to speak of, you acknowledge your Self as having the authority to break free and be liberated- to live freely, to be alive, to believe!  What you perceive as evil, is merely the “veil.”  This is the first step into the opaque, muddy psyche but also a swan-like graceful glide into healing and actualization.  Love the unpleasant facets of who you are and you release the dictator behind the addictive holds.  This is the illusion and it can be self-defeating and destructive.  You are nothing less than precious.  Whatever it is, love that part of you, so that you can release the powerful holds “of” you, and love can Be in you.

Do you know that unless there is darkness, you could not see the stars?  Even as you gaze at that star, you are really gazing into a past, thousands of years old.

Another way to understand this is to imagine all that you know.  You look deeply within the Self and you find understanding of your feelings, thoughts, words, and actions.  If you could close your eyes and see everything, what would you see?  Perhaps not the same thing as you saw yesterday.  Perhaps many yesterdays have come to pass now, and maybe you remain sleeping.  There is still more that you do not know or are conscious of.  Your play mates in life mirror back in the outside world exactly what is hidden from these inner mirrors.  Mary is your mirror that you peer into. 

There are many deep attributes yet to be discovered and through the interaction with a partner, this process can be accelerated.  Why again did you want Mary to come into your life?  What were your expectations?  What better way to learn to trust, or honesty, or intimacy?  Can you really offer yourself up to the unconditional Love that is when there are all those expectations? 

Mary is part human and part angel.  Mary will come in the human form and relate her own love and fear by way of her actions, thoughts, and feelings.  Mary, the angel, will come in and grace your life.  The angelic Self will remember to go beyond the human Self to be compassionate, loving, honest, and honorable, but the collective human consciousness may not be ready to receive Mary.  Perhaps you are ready and just not prepared or armed.  Perhaps not.   Maybe it’s time to drop the armor and go deeper.  Deeper into the heart of hearts, deep within the heart of the lion, to the insurmountable courage of your self-esteem! 

When you allow your self to go deeper, you begin to un-cover the graceful swan.  You replace the old, outdated picture with the new, negating the past as you replace the yesterdays with today. 

Your family, your friends, your co-workers, as well as your children, are all play mates; they all walk with you.  Even those strangers that seem to just pass you by are perfectly orchestrated in your life to share in your creation of this new Divine Portrait!

When you acknowledge what you see as betrayals may be the Divine reflection for you to learn forgiveness, compassion, and mercy.   The deeper you can dive into the un-conscious and un-cover, the more you will recognize your Self.  You bring all belongings to the surface so you may see all of the images muddled in the tribal family portrait, so you can liberate your Self to Be!  So, please never forget that you are all assistants on this magical expedition.  Most importantly, that this or that person has come to show you your own magnificent reflection!

Be kind to one another.  Remember that you are the Light!  Your Light shines as the many-faceted jewels which are melted down through the heart of Courage and Love, and displayed as stunning charms which we share with the world!

Be the Light.  Be In Love.  You are all things as God created.  We ask that you recognize your own beauty and then we ask that you recognize the others with the same honor. 

I sing to you this song of Hope.  This is our prayer. 

In Love, Light, and Honor,