Crystal Wisdom VIII

Eight Powerful Crystals For Soulwork

Aletheia Luna

For Thousands of years, Crystals have been used in Spiritual Practice, Shamanic Ritual and healing processes.

The use of crystals dates all the way back 6,000 years ago to the ancient Sumerians in Mesopotamia.   Since then, crystals have been used in one form or another in countless ancient cultures such as in Egypt, China, Rome, Greece and South America.


While the healing properties of crystals have not yet been extensively researched or proven, we do know that crystals possess a unique electrical charge known as piezoelectricity.

Basically, piezoelectricity is an electrical charge that is emitted from crystals once they are pressed or cut.   Just think of a lighter; once you press down on its button, a flame erupts.   In this case, the crystal is the lighter, your hand presses against the crystal, and an electrical charge is emitted.

Researchers have also been able to demonstrate that synthetic crystals can store data, which could explain why certain crystals have specific qualities or “personalities.”

Metaphysically, crystals vibrate at their own frequencies as everything is composed of energy.   When introduced to our own energy fields, crystals create larger vibrational fields and affect our nervous systems through the Law of Resonance.   These shifting vibrations can help to stimulate a number of mind-body forms of healing.


I often use crystals to enhance my feeling of being grounded, centered, and connected to my Soul.   Not only are crystals energetically-rich, but they are also deeply enmeshed with meaning and significance.

Below you’ll find my top 8 crystals that are ideal to use in your Soulwork practices.  These crystals can be:

• programmed with intention,
• used to open up vibrational doorways,
• aid meditation,
• support ritual,
• strengthen prayer,
• used to create a grid,
• or simply serve as mindfulness totems

It’s important to remember that before trying to establish a connection with your Soul, you need to firmly ground yourself.   I recommend breathing deeply for a few minutes to relax your body and center your mind.   You might even like to use grounding crystals such as black tourmaline or smoky quartz.

Also, just so you know, the crystals I recommend in this article can be bought from a quality and trusted online store called Exquisite Crystals.  

1.   AMETHYST – The Psychic Stone

Yes! Amethyst is one of the most popular crystals out there with transcendental properties.   Here are the properties of amethyst:

• Opens the third eye and crown chakras,
• Helps to enhance psychic abilities like intuition
• Calming stone with strong protective qualities
• Ideal meditation aid 

2.   LABRADORITE – The Mystic Stone

Labradorite is my personal favorite soulwork stone to work with.   (In fact, I currently wear a Labradorite ring every day.) Did you know that the Inuit people once claimed that Labradorite fell from the Aurora Borealis due to its mysteriously iridescent nature?  Properties of Labradorite include:

• Awakens one’s “magical” abilities
• Grounds spiritual energy
• Reveals truth behind illusions
• Strengthens self-trust
• Relieves anxiety and stress


Lemurian Quartz crystals are mostly found in Brazil, but also in other places of the world like Russia.   Yet legend says that Lemurian crystals originally came from the lost civilization of Lemuria which was a peaceful and spiritually advanced civilization.   These crystals are said to be programmed with the teachings of love and oneness experienced by the Lemurian people for future generations to discover and benefit from.  Properties of Lemurian Quartz include:

• Aiding spiritual awakening
• Amplifying prayers, wishes, and intentions
• Helps you to access higher states of consciousness
• Connects you to hidden knowledge within you
• Removes energetic blockages from all chakras
• Awakens one’s connection to wholeness

Lemurian Quartz is often thought of as a “Master Crystal” because it impacts every energy center within the body.   

4.   MOLDAVITE – The Extraterrestrial Stone

One of the most powerful stones you may ever touch is Moldavite.   Found only in the Czech Republic, Moldavite was formed 15 million years ago when a meteorite entered our universe and crashed near a Czechoslovakian river.   This amazing stone is the result of such a catastrophic impact, with some believing the stone may even be of extraterrestrial origin.  Properties of Moldavite include:

• Strengthens and opens the heart
• Increases occurrences of synchronicity
• Promotes rapid inner transformation   
• Raises your vibration
• Catalyzes immediate change in your life
• Connects you to higher consciousness

The moment I held Moldavite in my hand I felt a strong, warm and pulsating sensation (and I later bought a Moldavite pendant and wore it for 2 years).  

5.   NUUMMITE – The Magician’s Stone

Nuummite is often referred to as the Sorcerer’s or “Magician’s Stone.” Mined only in Greenland, Nuummite was formed from a volcanic eruption around 3.8 billion years ago making it one of the oldest stones on earth.  Properties of Nuummite include:

• Aids shamanic journeying and soul retrieval
• Enhances personal power
• Strengthens your energy field
• Creates spiritual grounding
• Allows you to access unconscious layers of the mind

Along with Moldavite, Nuummite is a rare and sought-after stone as it is so limited in quantity.   Many esoteric collectors see Nuummite as a highly valuable and desirable to have.   If you would like to have your own Nuummite stone, you could start off with a tumbled or you may prefer to carry it with you as a bracelet.

6.   ROSE QUARTZ – The Unconditional Love Stone

Rose Quartz, known commonly as the Stone of Unconditional Love, is found all throughout the world.   Thanks to its ability to open the heart, Rose Quartz is an ideal stone for soulwork.   Properties of this gentle stone include:

• Helps to clear the heart of anger, resentment, guilt, fear and jealousy
• Promotes forgiveness and acceptance of others
• Stimulates self-love
• Increases receptivity
• Encourages emotional balance and mental harmony

Rose Quartz, like Lemurian Quartz, is thought of as a “Master Crystal” as it helps to soothe and balance all chakras.

7.    LAPIS LAZULI – The Truth Stone

Lapis Lazuli has been used ever since the Neolithic Age.   Cleopatra used powdered Lapis Lazuli as her eyeshadow, Tutankhamun had Lapis in his burial mask, and even the bible makes reference to this stone.  Properties of Lapis include:

• Opens the third eye
• Increases spiritual growth
• Helps you align with truth
• Assists you in cutting through illusion
• Increases mental clarity
• Promotes connection with Higher Self

This vibrant stone can be bought as a tumbled stoneor in other forms such as spheres and pillows.

8.   MOQUI MARBLES – The Shaman Stone

Moqui Marbles or Boji Stones, are commonly known as “Shaman Stones.” Although this stone appears to be quite boring looking, it is actually quite a powerful stone.   Moqui marbles come in three varieties: male, female and androgynous.   The word “Moqui” comes from the Hopi word that means “dear departed ones.” It was thought that spirits of the dead would play with these “marbles” at night and leave them in the morning to send messages to those that were living.   Moqui Marbles are harvested in the southwestern part of the US.  Properties of Moqui Stones include:

• Promotes grounding and centering
• Balances male/female energy
• Helps to connect you with earth energies
• Connects you with animal spirit guides
• Clears the energy field 
• Stimulates psychic abilities

Moqui Marbles formed millions of years ago, and although not pretty, are energy-rich totems.   


I hope these crystals and stones help you to open new doorways to inner growth and self-realization.   Other crystals you could explore include Larimar, Danburite, and Lepidolite.

What are your favorite crystals to work with when reconnecting with your Soul, or going on a shamanic journey?