For the Newsletter 10/14/16)

October 10, 2016

Valerie Eagle Heart

Medicine Ways

Autumn in My Heart

Valerie Eagle Heart shares the overflowing nostalgia and gratitude
that this time of year evokes for her.

Autumn has always been my favorite Season of the year.  As a child I remember how I looked forward to October.  My Mother created costumes for each of us 4 children and Dad was assigned the task of taking us trick or treating, with one other Dad and the neighborhood kids.  My Father created an adventure worth going on with his crazy hats, goofy glasses and outrageous noses.  While Mom was creating costumes, Dad spent hours carving pumpkins for each of us to line up on the big front porch of our old Los Angeles home.

I love the energy of this Season so much that I chose the last night of the month as my final Night on the Mountain to complete the Apache Vision Quest my Heart led me to in 1995.  Three days and nights of ‘magical’ communication with Spirit, my personal and blessed time with Creator.  It was during this Vision Quest that I knew in my Heart, Mind & Spirit why I had chosen to come to this Planet.  The clarity of this Life’s path was profound.  A Path of service, “in service” for and with The People, So The People, ALL The People May Live was the core message. (continue)


October 3, 2016

The Teachers of The Universal Mind

thought-and-energy-2Image Credit:
Energy and Thought
(Through Jo Amidon)

The Teachers of the Universal Mind provide an antidote for negative judgments
directed towards you, or by you to others: Self knowledge & Unconditional Love.

When a person thinks or says negative statements, criticisms or judgments of another person, this energy is sent to that person.  It affects their personal energy and is felt by them, even though they may not be consciously aware of it.  When this occurs, an effect within YOUR energy field is created.  Imagine this as an energy barrier with small energy prickles going outward from the energy field that surrounds you.  This is a protection device, and is created automatically.  It is not something you consciously choose to do, or even are aware of.

This barrier relaxes and is in a dormant state until you think of the person again, or are in their presence.  At that time, it is reactivated.  Depending upon the thoughts and feelings that you react with when this occurs, it can remain at the same level or can become strengthened.  This barrier affects interactions with this person.  It can create a defensive type of energy, tension feelings, emotional reactions, and/or spirit level energy disturbances, regardless of your wish to not focus on the particular feelings that you have had in the past, or on your desire to move on to other things in your relationship with that person. (continue)


September 26, 2016

Holly Rae Butryn



Adding Healing Modalities for Reiki

 Holly Rae Butryn, explains how and why she has added specific modalities
for greater effectiveness in her Reiki healing sessions.

Reiki is an amazing healing modality and it needs no other help except your intention.   As a Reiki Practitioners, we ask for Reiki (life force energy), to come to us for treating ourselves or for others to other receivers.   As it is an intelligent energy, Reiki energy knows exactly where it needs to go without guidance on our part.

Through all of my years as a Reiki Practitioner I have come to add other modalities to my sessions.   Each session is as unique as each person.  I use some modalities every time and others according to the client’s needs.  I do not believe that other modalities are “needed,” but they do help the client receive and accept the sessions on different levels. (continue)


September 19, 2016

Johnny Mirehiel

autumnal equinox

Spirit at the Crossings

..The 2016 Autumnal Equinox

Johnny Mirehiel, with a little help from friends, presents his astrological views on
the mundane and Spiritual portents he finds in this year’s Autumnal Equinox chart.

This year’s Autumnal Equinox charts seems chock-a-block with a tangle of red lines, signifying potentially contentious interactions between the planets.  We have four significant Oppositions; between Mercury and Neptune, the Sun and Chiron, Venus and Uranus and, last but not least, between the Moon and Mars.  Then there are the Squares between the Moon and Mercury, the Sun and Mars, and Mars and Chiron, with the Squares between Saturn and both Mercury and Neptune, completing this chart’s two worrisome T-Squares, and then of course, there’s another nasty looking Grand Square.  Just look at all that RED! (continue)