Grounding in the Now VI

“All IS Well”
Le’Velle Zimmerman

Among the many changes that are ever increasing throughout this dimension,
we find that we are able to integrate evolved practices within our waking hours.  
We heal as a service to all life in this dimension. 

Le'Velle's MindImage Source: Clip Machine

Le'Vell Zimmerman

Being completely engaged in this now moment is how you become most effective in your mission.  It  is about releasing the weight of thinking of the past or future, realizing these are both illusions with no true foundation.   Here, at this point of engagement, is where your intuitive sense of being lives.  It is the home of Infinite Intelligence.  This intelligence may be constantly embraced through the practice of an “Intuitive Lifestyle,” accepting its proactive presence as ongoing flow and committing to the divine transition where detaching from the identity of the Ego mind is at the forefront of one’s focus.   

Socially much of humanity has adopted the idea that “thinking,”  where the implementation of reason and logical thought is an active function of the intellect, is an act of spiritual maturity,    This is true, but only to limited extent,  when viewed against the vast capacity of infinite intelligence which is responsible for the functions of infinity as a whole.   

The active mind (identity) will make plans, project expectations, and anticipate results and continue to be confused by life itself as these plans and expectations come up short and things seem not to “make sense”.   What you know as “making sense” implies “reason” which is logical, where the nature of your Love is beyond “logic.” 

The “sensible” functions of observable physical findings  only accounts for a fraction of a fraction of existence within this Infinite Multiverse of Infinite possibilities.   You will come to realize, through the clarity of divine presence, that the intelligence of Life is integrated within the entirety of your experience.  Through your acceptance of what is, coupled with your free will decision making to embrace the intuitive guidance always being provided within your heart space, you are able to harness and merge with your own essence as an expression of infinite intelligence.   

Take this now moment for instance.   The mind’s thought patterns may be applying the pressure of feeling you “need to do something;” to conjure up plans, to manifest an intent, play past experiences, or just project an opinion as you scroll through social media screens reading what is being expressed by those within your network.   The more   emotionally imbalanced and active state, the more there is  doubt, worry, fear, and a sense of urgency, a sense that something is out of place within this now moment.  This programming is but the illusion of fear attempting to lower your frequency of being.    

Your strength is in existing beyond such chaos, in a peaceful place where you recognize that what is before you (in this now moment) is the most important experience amongst the entirety of your existence.    From a broader view of how all is interconnected, an intelligence that is flawless and magnificent can be observed.  This goes unrecognized by those incarnate here within the physical who limited the scope of their awareness to the mind’s judgements.   

These judgements are reflected in an array of mental activity to include over analysis, complaints, fearful expectation, and a overall sense of hopelessness about humanity and life here on Planet Earth.   This is “just how it is” for those unable to recognize the mind as the false identity.  Those with a more of a sense of balanced presence see the harmony in all there is, regardless of what maybe seen initially as “misfortune.” 

The Dark has created several labels to describe intuitive souls, many of which carry lower vibrational connotations (to them) such as “hippies” or “tree huggers.” They feel these souls are “unrealistic” or living in a fantasy world of no foundation, when in truth just the opposite is the case.   

Where such a state is embraced naturally by these souls they are more sensitive to their own divine presence and free of the constraints of the logical mind’s activity.   It is through an acceptance of the present that you recognize the intelligence of existence and harness the truth of who you are as the Creator.

The mantra of this Now Moment is “All is Well”

Well is All.   

Le’Vell Zimmerman
Commander, Angelic Realms
Galactic Federation of Light