Grounding in the Now II

Grounding in More Presence
Le’Vell Zimmerman

Le'Velle Zimmerman

Le’Velle Zimmerman

The infinite expansion of creation is happening now, where the manifestation of your intent is ever present.  Our experience in Duality has its foundation in Mind which, only seeing in separation and will, always attempts to view the infinity of our expansion with mere logic. These efforts by the Mind are all to achieve a sense of security, which in truth is illusory, for our Divine experience on Earth remains beyond logical understanding.

So where does one find the clarity and confidence to embrace more Peace without feeling vulnerable to what one experiences?

This search for Peace is an aspect of the innate desire to know Truth, which is approached either internally or externally by souls in this 3rd Dimension experience, where the crossroads takes its toll for many who wish to “do something” in action towards attaining Peace.  For many, the initial, preferred choice is external; in reading many books, paying for classes, and taking notes filled with much research, all in the pursuit of Self.  It is Logic that sees life as a learning experience, similar to attending a University, in which there are many prerequisites to graduation and are viewed by the Mind in feeling that linear time is real as one progresses to that diploma.

Many Souls create personal libraries, not for recreational purposes, but as reference material for the various challenges that present themselves in the ever present changes that are inevitable throughout our experience.  In seeing those external efforts from a broader perspective, however, one can recognize that these activities are similar to survival preparations for a grand showdown of some kind.  Such a stance in approaching life can be stressful, to say the least, but in feeling we will find the eternal peace promised by so many souls outside of ourselves, we nevertheless persist in effort.

This is a journey traveled by many, including myself, as a Soul incarnate in a Human Body.  Indeed, this species has experienced generations of using Mind in attempting to create a peaceful existence of abundance for all Life.

However, there is a more productive path, one on which where we take a genuine look in the mirror, and recognize the depth of what is seen.  We are expressions of Infinite Intelligence, manifested within holographic experiences of Self, and having our foundations within our Heart centers.  Awareness that we are more than what we see in that reflection is in the Silence that has always been present, alongside the chattering voices in our heads.  Observe the ease of Nature as a healing essence breathing beneath the sway of countless blades of grass and multiple processes vital to the abundance of vegetation as seen from the Heavens.  There are no external efforts made in maintaining such a state, just as the blood circulating through our bodies needs no assistance from the Mind in carrying oxygen to the extremities.

A deep intelligence is reflective in the order of all things, in the fabric of Divinity that is beyond logical comprehension, where all is designed perfectly.  Our integration within this fabric is naturally expressed through Unconditional Love for all Creation.  It is in inner stillness that one embraces this perfection, where the resonant frequency of the Multiverse is Peace, always within one’s own Self.  In that still silence, the ability to sense the texture beneath our bare feet, or the sound of our own heart beat, is a place of expanded awareness enabling us to connect with more of the Truth present before us.   When we relax all efforts to swim, we float like the blossoming lotus.

All external efforts are a Soul’s attempt to look outside of the Self, for the Self, whereas an internal focus is a peaceful unfoldment of our own Divine intent to experience physicality in a joyful peace that is natural.

Ascension is about a path of evolution, through which a soul graduates from all mental activity, in exchange for the Infinite Intelligence of the Heart space.  This intuitive knowing is a place of freedom, where we are able to create our experience without depending on anything outside of Self.  Here and Now is where we can relax.  Release what has been learned in technique for the Truth of Peace.

Our own Brilliance is natural.  Let it shine, unfettered, on and on and on.


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