Holly Rae Wind



Holly Rae has been practicing energy healing since she was a child even before she  really knew what holistic energy healing was.  As a teen living close to “Lillydale” in New York, the largest spiritual community in the United States, her interest in hands on healing practices and holistic medicines brought her to the study of many different healing modalities.  It was at Lilydale that she was attuned to the three Reiki levels.   After becoming a Reiki practitioner she realized how dramatically it increased the power of the other healing modalities as well.  She has been seriously practicing Reiki for 20 years as a Reiki Master Teacher.   

She has taught Reiki classes and attuned many people and continues to grow and learn so she may pass energy healing onto others.  After years of study and practice, she started to integrate the use of stones and crystals with Reiki sessions, asking the Archangels, Ascended Masters and the client’s spirit guides to come forth for the higher good of the client.    

Many years ago she started making healing jewelry for the specific needs of the client, determining which stones and crystals are best for their specific piece of healing jewelry. 

She has practiced Reiki and other healing modalities in New York, Pennsylvania and now in the Palm Springs/ Joshua Tree region of Southern California  In addition to human clients, she also treats animals with great results.   Clients can come to see her or she can go to their location, which is best for animals.

Holly will be happy to answer any and all questions you may have, please feel free to call at 814-688-3442 or, reach her by email at hollyrae49@yahoo.com.