The Ascended Life I

It is the possibility of having a dream come true that makes one’s life interesting.
           ………………………………………………..Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

The Ideals of the Ascended Life
John E Mirehiel

Image Credit: Craigsbank Parish Church

While meditating on what I was going to write here, I was presented with an image of a luminous “Presence” hovering over a multi-roomed schoolhouse.  The Presence was surrounded by and emitting multiple of strands of blue-green light down upon the schoolhouse, streaming into the many widows and winding through the various classrooms in steady streams of Living Light.

I understood the Presence to be the Higher Self.  The strands of light represent the various “lives” It has chosen to experience.  The windows are the portals through which the Higher Self thus flows while the various classrooms are the lessons we must experience that are played out before “graduating” back to the Body of that Presence.

For me, that Presence is Mirehiel, the name my Higher Self goes by go by as it is registered in the Akashic Records.  I live in this Now so that He and I, and the Other Strands He is experiencing, may ultimately turn and face out onto Eternity, away from the schoolhouse of 3-D and be drawn back, united as One, to the Body of Creation.  This is the final destination for All My Relations and the essential aim of the Ascension process.

This Ascended Life is not a magic formula that goes Pooof! – and you’re there.  This Life requires commitment, time and attention and, as “time is money” in the 3-D experience, that might dissuade you from reading further.  However, what the Ascended Life has to show us, about the connection to Spirit, about Who We really are and about putting that knowledge to work might just be well worth the investment.

The ability, desire and constantly conscious attempt to pursue the Ascended Life is predicated first on an intellectual comprehension of the internal and eternal components of such a Life.  A basic core curriculum for its study is found in all Spiritual/Metaphysical Wisdom teachings.  The study of just such a curriculum has enabled me led me to formulate some strategies by which I can enjoy the fruits of that labor in my life, right here, right now.  This is my path, as well as the subject of this “Conversation with Spirit.”

Core Assumptions re: The Ascended Life

Success in living the Ascended Life depends on how well we are prepared to do so.  In order to reap its benefits we must “re-program” our minds so that we are able to “see what we believe.”

First, we must be willing to pursue it.  That Willingness requires that we are open to doing whatever it takes to let go of some limiting beliefs about reality, and ourselves.  In this attitude of willingness we can also proclaim, unreservedly, that we are already, each, an Ascended Master.  Since our Ascended Master/Higher Self lives in a state of higher vibrational connection to Source, we can consciously share that connection.  If we are willing to make that our conscious intent, and to invite the steady flow of Spirit to course through our work-a-day lives, we will come to know the Truth of our Soul’s Purpose on our Spiritual Journey.  But first, we must be willing to accept total personal responsibility for undertaking this Journey of Self Ascension.

Acquiring an understanding of the Spiritual basis of “what’s so” is another rung on the ladder of the Ascensional process.  Knowing what’s up enables us to navigate the shoals of physical experience with confidence because we know that we have the GPS of Spirit as the guide to knowing Who we are.  Through opening to that Spirit within, we have the ability to acquire the skills to act on that premise.

During this Journey we come to hold certain Universal Truths in order to fully participate in the Ascended Life. Starting from the outside in, we come to understand that Creation is the one and only source of All That Is.  It is so vast and powerful as to be beyond our wildest conceptions.  It is the Great Mystery, and Its energy is the very pulse of all life.

Now this next piece may upset you, and I apologize if it does, but Creation is not limited to a singular “God” by any name.  “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you,” a wise man is reputed to have said.  Gods are created and anthropomorphized by men.  They represent “top down” power structures and are, in turn, loving, demanding, benevolent, angry, forgiving, and/or supremely potent beings who stand outside ourselves and demand that attention be paid to them and their commandments alone.  (And if you’ve got a few extra coppers, won’t you drop them into the collection plate?)

Yet another core assumption is that the all pervasive engine of Creation is Consciousness.  That Creator Consciousness reaches out to us through the Agency of Spirit, the “Voice” of that Consciousness.  It, and our own Hu-man wisdom and understanding, suggest that living The Ascended Life also demands that we embrace these Spiritually self-evident Truths:

  • That all Life is Sacred,
  • That each One is All and that All are One,
  • That there is only one moment, Now,
  • That access to your Higher Self is available,
  • That Gratitude is the key attitude and acts as the lubricant for our vehicles of Creation,
  • That being of Service to “The Other” is wholly apiece with living the Ascended life,
  • That every Being who ever lives, in any and all Dimensions or Densities, is the Sacred Other,
  • That Love is the main connective tissue between the Self and all Sacred Others, top down, bottom up, side to side.
  • That The HeartMind is the pump of Love and that opening One’s Heart Chakra to Creation, and thus to All That Is, allows the two way flow of Love between the I and Thou within All.
  • That a true vision of where we want to go, and setting our Conscious Intention on attaining it, makes a certainty of arriving at that destination,
  • That the moment of arrival is always available in the Eternal Now,
  • That the experience of Joy may be found in every moment along the way.
  • That the process of living according to these tenets requires a non-judgmental Acceptance, Compassion, Loving Kindness, Respect, Forgiveness and Empathy towards all.

Striving to do so, in a balanced way, enables us to think and act as the ever Ascending Agents of Creation that we truly are, in this and all our lives.  But this list is only words.  It is up to us to be living embodiments of them – in this and every other moment of Now.  Those who have studied in the fields I have likely have come to many of the same conclusions.  In the end, We are IT!   Not only are we are all students, on ascending grade levels in that schoolhouse, but we are also the Teachers we encounter there and the Light that illuminates it.  In the end though, it’s as simple as just remembering Who We are.

This is the stuff of The Ascended Life as I see it.  Its Truths are already known and accepted by many of you coming to this Blog.  Old hat in a lot of ways, really.  They are only some of the characteristics of the Ascensional Path and as such they merely skim the surface of it.   I’m sure that you can name many more.  For the most part though, they provide a rough sketch of our quest for the highest attainments of Consciousness and the future Being that we are all ascending to become.

We have (paraphrasing a key Biblical statement here), the ability to make “the Word become Flesh.”   All we have to do is sign on the dotted line, commit to it and, so invested, give it our best, through all times, good and bad.

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