Life Between Lives VI

Past Life and Soul Regression

John Till

Image Credit: Uplift Connect

A Between Life Soul Regression shows us our nature as eternal beings. The spiritual realm is our real home and is characterized by peace, joy, order, love, compassion and non judgment. Experiencing the spiritual realms gives us a sense of our true identity as a transpersonal being and the nature and purpose of our various incarnations.

Most religions have a component that suggests life after death in some form or another.  However, none of their adherents can be said to speak from experience.  They prefer repeating what they were told as if it were the absolute truth.  I am hoping to let more people know that they can visit this realm, using a qualified hypnotherapist, who can allow clients to see themselves as they truly are.  Having a past Life Soul regression can change one’s view on life, allow one to make “mid-course corrections” or even to understand one’s true purpose in this life.

A regression is a tailor made journey tied exclusively to the present day needs of each client.  It affords an individual a certain amount of time in which to experience the Spiritual Realm, to have a tangible experience of who and what they are as Souls, and to incorporate these insights into our current earthly lives.

The practice of past life regression may be used to show us the progression of experiences that got us to where we are now.  Clients can access details of past lives that “shine a light” on who they are today.  This type of regression can show why we have some of the phobias and fears that we have in this current life.  This is especially helpful when traumas from past lives carry over into this one.   Once the origin of those traumas are understood, they can be released, which always helps the client in the Now.

However, a Between Life Soul Regression will show you much more of the picture of who YOU really are.   It will allow you to see and to feel through the eyes of your immortal Soul, and to know your true nature as an Eternal Being.  The Soul is the greatness of who we are.  It is our spark of the “Divine.”  Therefore, it is of utmost importance that we understand that the Soul is our real Self and that the Spiritual realm is our real home.

This realm is characterized by peace, joy, order, love, compassion and non-judgment.  Experiencing that state gives us a sense of our transpersonal identities and an indication to the nature and purpose of our various incarnations.   

I always feel honored to regress clients to wherever we go when they are not embodied.  It can be a life changing experience.  I begin by regressing a client to a past life, having them recall the death scene of that life, and then continuing from there.

When  we leave our bodies at the time of death we experience a lightness and freedom from the pain and all of the drama that was happening at the time of that crossing.  Usually we are met by beings who are known to us, a Guide, for example, or someone we were close to in life.  Once the guide shows up, it is usually the Guide who directs the regression, rather than the therapist.   

Sometimes clients are taken to a place of healing so that they can rest and let go of the stress of the life that life.   But sometimes, the first thing a client wants to do is to meet with their “Soul Family,” the group of beings with whom we go through the Soul’s evolution. over many lifetimes  Most clients will describe this as the feeling of “going home.”   This reunion with loved ones is usually very emotional. 

Another important stop during a regression is a meeting with a panel of Wise Elders during which we review the most recent life.  This review is done with complete love and totally without judgment.  Usually there are between three and six Elders on this panel.  Sometimes clients describe these Beings as male or female, but often they are described as androgynous.  These Beings know us better than we know ourselves.  All communication is done mind to mind (telepathically), as no spoken words are needed. 

We are the only ones who judge ourselves.  Everyone else is there to help us get into balance and grow as a Being.  Those Wise Elders often will point out times when we acquitted ourselves very well.  They will, however, also show us those life’s circumstances in which we could have done better or in which we took actions, seen from the Soul level, that did not serve our highest good.  They allow us look at how we handled our lives and how we treated others as opposed to ourselves.  Often, the seemingly insignificant interactions with others were the most important moments.

Before a session, I ask clients to write down a list of questions pertaining to their current life for which they would like some additional insight and answers.  Many times their questions are answered even before they come before the Elders.  If those questions aren’t answered, I will assist the client in presenting them to the panel.

There are many opportunities to learn, explore and visit with loved ones in the between lives realm.  We also have the opportunity to go to the Library in which everything that has ever been done or said is recorded.  (Some people know this as the Akashic Records.)  Clients will usually describe it as a very large room replete with floor to ceiling shelves filled with books or, in some instances, scrolls.  There are “archivists” there whose duty it is to bring us the records we need.  My experience is that these are not records consisting of words but of experiences.

We still have free will in that Spiritual realm.  There are always advisors to help us, but It is always our choice to advance Spiritually, or not.  Clients may choose to return to another incarnation to experience and learn some of the things needed for balance and growth in the current life.  My understanding is that, while our Souls will continue to live in that spiritual realm, it really is through physical incarnations that we are given opportunities to “grow” much faster than if we had just stayed put in the purely spiritual realm.

On Earth we are faced with choices.  Some are quite difficult.  That’s why this is a learning environment.  We have the opportunity to learn and share love, or spread hate.  We are all on different paths, and everyone is presented with opportunities for growth through a self-chosen physical incarnation.

Why do we judge ourselves and others by the choices that are made?  It is time we realized that we are ALL eternal beings, that everyone is doing the best they know how.  We, in turn, can only do the best that we know and hope to be a good example for others.

Whether you are curious about what happens after you die or pondering your own mortality or grieving the loss of a loved one, the Soul Regression will leave you less fearful about death.  It will inspire you to live a more purposeful life and be comforted by new thoughts of loved ones who have preceded you into the afterlife.  It is time that we all realize that we are Eternal Beings.