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The Center for Visionary Leadership is a non-denominational educational center to help people develop the inner, spiritual resources with approaches based on the Ageless Wisdom, the golden thread that connects the deeper, inner teachings of the world’s spiritual traditions.

Global Coherence Intiative  A science-based, co-creative project to unite people in heart-focused care and intention, to facilitate the shift in global consciousness from instability and discord to balance, cooperation and enduring peace. 

Institute of Heart Math  Researchers with the Institute of HeartMath and other entities have shown that the human heart, in addition to its other functions, actually possesses the equivalent of its own brain, what they call the heart brain, which interacts and communicates with the head brain.  This is a fabulous site that offers explanations on how the physical and energetic heart plays an extraordinary role in our lives.

Light Connection  Jo Amidon shares her messages of our connection to the Light as well as the wisdom imparted to her for us from The Teacher of the Universal Mind.  Jo also hosts The Light Anchor Project as well as some very interesting information on our Planet of Origin.  

Joyce Mason is a multi talented writer, poet, blogger and a master astrologer.  The Radical Virgo is just one of the many forums  in which she writes.  Her latest novel, The Crystal Ball is an “astrological who-done-it and her Matters of Life, Death and Laughter is a trio of her most popular stories will make you laugh, cry and think. 

Lynda Hill’s Sabian Symbols is her newly redesigned Blog.  Here you will find a wealth of information, not only about the history of the Symbols, but also a regular update on the Sabians as they become active in application to astrological charts.  You will also find a link to her website, which in turn has a link to a niftySabian Symbol Oracle where you can ask the symbols any question.   A fun place to visit.

Liz Tobin  is a widely respected practitioner of Resonance Repatterning which is a process that enables one to create positive change in any area of life where one experiences limitation.  She works in person, by phone and with Distance Healing Proxy Groups.

The Nine Directions are a pet project of Johnny Mirehiel.  Based on his understanding of Native Indian Medicine Wheel teachings, his  Directions break down what he sees as the components of the Ascended HU-man.  He suggests that knowing what they mean is the key to knowing Who we really are.

Philip Sedgewick calls himself an astrologer, writer, muse & comic but, whatever hat he wears, he keeps a sharp on on the Planets and, fairly uniquely among astrologers, on the smaller solar system bodies as will a gigantic far far away galaxies.  Alway an interesting read.

Rebel Society  The masthead says “Creatively Maladjusted” but we say pretty brilliant.  They are an online hub reporting ideas and acts of creative rebellion and celebrating the Art of Being Alive.  Just check them out once and you’ll keep coming back for more.

Anne L. Smith is a gifted writer, editor, business person, healer, intuitive counselor, animal communicator and channel for Ascended Master Hilarion.

Messages From the Spirit World is David Armstrong’s Facebook page where he addresses the fundamentals of you and the Universe, explains the structure of the Universe and its dimensions, the Spiritual mind, and spiritual communication, providing an in-depth look into who we are, all coming from the Spirit World itself. is Deborah Burton’s site which carries an extensive listing of available Crystals along with brief descriptions of their properties.