Medicine Ways IX

The Fluffy Stuff

Valerie Eagleheart

Image Credit: Imgur

I was raised in the Catholic faith, complete with 9 years of education in parochial schools.  I grew up believing that this way was the only way and all others simply needed to be converted.  

Sacrificing an ice cream cone or piece of candy for myself, I placed countless pennies and nickels in the “Pagan Baby” collection boxes.  I was convinced that my calling in life was to enter a convent and teach the children.

Instead I became pregnant and married at 18.  Yes, in that order.

Over family threats of damnation and an eternity spent in hell and with so much guilt, I left the Catholic Church and began my personal exploration of Other Ways.  Because of my desire to provide my daughter with a Faith Foundation and at the urging of my family I went back to Catholicism for a while.  

Things there looked and felt different.  Masses offered in Spanish, music complete with guitars and rattles and the enduring beauty of stained glass windows, the smells of particular incense and all the eye-dazzling colors drew me in again…for a while.

But my true Spiritual Journey, begun so many years ago, has led me to a way of life that, even in my wildest of dreams, I never could have imagined in my Catholic days.  I have had so many Teachers along my Spiritual  Path.  Each has offered and brought something unique, challenging and sometimes painful, yet beautiful, into my life, my heart and my Soul.

The philosophies, beliefs and practices of other religions were, and are, fascinating.  I’ve learned over and over that within particular belief systems, there are always exceptions and other ways, in which what is accepted over here is not accepted over there.  Yes, even in Native Ways.

My Heart of Hearts, the core of who I am and what I have come to do has manifested into the “Ways” I am now meant to offer to those who come seeking.  I teach because I must.

The joy of being able to see the growth in people’s Spirits creates a smile in my Heart.  This is what I call the “Fluffy Stuff.”  It is the joyous reward for keeping the heart open, in spite of the hard and often very tiring work that it takes for this to happen.

It’s wonderful that the people continue to come, especially the Young Ones, those who want to learn, grow and carry on the work we’ve been given to do for the People and this beautiful Planet we call home.  They are why we Grandmothers keep putting one foot in front of the other – even when we’re tired, frustrated and feeling almost overwhelmed.

Often people are drawn by their own hearts to come and sit in Circle, participate in a class, take a workshop or come to Dance a Prayer or support those who are dancing.  They want it all and they want it NOW!  

I experienced this too.  The excitement and eagerness to know.  Seeing what I call “The Light” yet not really knowing what this is.  I’ve discovered over the years I’ve been on this Planet that there are keys for each doorway to growth, but the lessons take as long as they take.

Patience is one of the keys for progress on the Spiritual Journey, but Commitment is THE KEY

We gather knowledge and wisdom by showing up, by keeping our word and by Walking Our Talk.  The Soul grows because we’re willing to do the work, follow the advice and counsel of our Teachers, even when there are times we don’t understand the why of it.  Because the Heart has called us to be present, we trust.

With patience, dedication and commitment we move through one doorway at a time.