Messages from the Spirit World III


David Armstrong

healingImage Credit: Guiding Light Healing Services

David Armstrong

I have had thousands of healing experiences that others perceive as miracles. They are perhaps only miracles because we don’t understand about how the universe works.  Healing is a natural process and the ability to call it forth is a considerably underused tool, yet one which can considerably maximize our enjoyment of life in this body.   A miracle a day is a good recipe for success, and achievable, with a bit of education.

In order to develop your healing ability, you must first know that your body requires rest.  During sleep, the Conscious Mind connects with the Superconscious Mind and they work together to repair any damage created in the structure of the being. Insomnia is not just annoying, but is actually highly de-structive pattern.  If your body cannot achieve an adequate amount of sleep, the development of your healing ability and the progress of your own healing may be gradual or delayed. 

Healers possess the ability to draw or replenish their energy directly from the Superconscious Mind and they exhibit dramatic results with others when performing the transfer of healing.  If you are unable to heal others, then something that permits you to replenish your body is not functioning correctly.

In some instances, your body may lack the “electrical” energy (chi, or life force) in sufficient quantity to repair itself.  In such case, the physical body can borrow energy from another host.  There are many terms for what this energy is, but I think of it as photon energy or energy derived from the Sun.

The most powerful way to transfer this energy is by placing the hand of the healer on the wrist of the one who is being healed.  Another way to transfer healing through touch is by the placement of the palm of the healer to the forehead of the receiver, although this transfer is less permanent.

Healing through the wrist is the most time effective technique.  Much healing occurs within the first five minutes but longer can boost energy levels.  If you have little understanding about the process do not fret, because your guides will take care of things that may otherwise be confusing to you.  They work at an energetic level that doctors cannot test for.  They are not so concerned about the physical body because it can change quickly once the energetic body has shifted. 

I am surprised how much about anatomy and the human body they tell me.  After holding the wrist, you may be directed to work on other areas of the body.  If the person is injured or in pain, and it is not possible to place your hands directly on the body, simply hold them above the spot and let the Guides do the work.

I believe that doctors only have a fraction of the understanding of how the body works.  What really blows me away is that, though outwardly some clients have similar symptoms, what the guides ask me to do is always individualized.  Totally different healing techniques may be used.  

What makes me a little different than most healers is that the Guides will often tell me what they are working on.  For example, your electrical body has millions of circuits which can get tangled, particularly in the instance of spinal injuries.  Many times these injuries are mild.  The person may not even recall that an injury occurred.  Sometimes the Guides will give me information or a timeframe that helps to jog their memory.   The client often says something like, “Oh Yeah, I did fall down the steps but it was a couple of years ago.  I forgot all about that.”

In some cases, the Guides might not say too much, but that could be for different reasons.  One reason is that some people may get scared if they knew all the things the body was fighting.  Secondly, some people are looking for a specific diagnosis. Providing this might be dangerous for them, as they can end up owning the disease.

The Guides will rarely tell me about a person’s life expectancy.  They may, however, tell me that the person has already been over to the Celestial Realm in their sleeping state, checking things out.  If the person senses/knows that the healing they are claiming resides in that realm, where they are not yet ready to go, they may prove resistant to healing in this earthly realm.

While there are no pills or digestible substances that can substitute for the dramatic results achieved with touch, there are still other, less physical means by which the transference of healing energy can occur.

The best known  of these is remote healing, the sending of loving thoughts from the healer to the recipient, wherever he or she may be.  This form of healing has also proven to be quite effective for me, though, sometimes a combination methods is needed in order to complete the healing process.   

Love energy is a white energy, which consists of all colors of the vibratory spectrum at one time.  Love can be emitted from any distance, any time.  There are many forms of love, but each is unique in its vibratory spectrum.  It is easy to love one another as we are all quite connected via the Universal Creator.  You can send love across the network as a blanket healing, but it is more effective if we understand what part of a person we are trying to heal.  You can send thought or a love vibration to a specific organ, or even can send any vibration that corresponds to a deficiency in a person’s diet.

Healing Tools

There are also a range of vibrational healing tools that may substitute for the (absence of ) physical contact. These vibrations may be heard, felt, or even seen.

For example, a carefully constructed harmonic melody or combination of melodies may produce dramatic results in healing.  Many people combine sounds with language to create an element of healing that goes beyond our understanding.  My own guides helped me create a healing CD that is chock full of sounds and triggers that facilitate healing.  Many have played this CD and discovered its usefulness.  

As a general rule of thumb, if a sound is soothing go ahead and use it.

As another example: a piece of clothing worn on the physical body that has been created, sewn or dyed with the intent to heal energizes the person wearing the clothing and the person who looks upon the person wearing the clothing.  Regardless of the “distribution channel” used, powerful vibratory transfers of energy  can result in dramatic  healing.

Visual Art, which also has the ability to connect to our Superconscious Mind, is often overlooked as a healing medium.  “Now,” painted by Meg Edmonson, is one of the of the most powerful paintings that I have experienced.  It instilled in me a feeling of Love which continues to this very day.  I realized then that  inner vision differs greatly from our physical vision because it is a reflection of much higher vibratory  levels.  It seemed to me that Meg had painted an opening to the Fourth dimension.  Meg had tapped into humanity’s need for this inner vision to awaken.

Skywatching is an uplifting and positive way to stimulate our ability to see into these higher dimensions.  The canopy of nature is a vision to behold and always has something new to show us.  It is therapeutic for a variety of emotional problems. 

A lightning storm can be beautiful or scary depending on your perspective.  You can use the stars as a way to meditate, or to simply relax and bathe in their light.  This is a good way to connect with your spirit and build a stronger connection between your spirit and soul.  This sounds perhaps too easy to be true but try it sometime and realize how comforting that is.  It can hit you at your core.

A person may not become a healer overnight but many us are capable of transmitting energy.  This energy can be measured if you have an instrument that can measure microvolts.  I had an experience in college whereby someone had a microvolt meter.  I gave off the normal amount of microvolts until my guides came in and then the reading went off the chart.  Judging from auras photos of me taken while I am doing my healing work, the energy pattern shift every few minutes.

I am sure that it is not me doing the healing, but yet I am the facilitator.   What is important is what the healing is doing.  Who should become a healer?  We all should.  There is no one person that should be excluded.  The act of giving love to another person is a strongest form of healing in the Universe, and the more we give, the more we get, the clearer and more vital we become.