9/18/17: Brainwaves, Neurofeedback and Meditation

Posted September 17, 2017 By johnny

This Week’s Voice

September 18, 2017

Jan Lundquist

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Brainwaves, Neurofeedback and Meditation

Our Penultimate Post

For the past 3 plus years, as my personal service to Spirit, I have sought to provide the Spiritual, Metaphysical, and Esoteric communities with a sampling of the vast library of tools available with which to access and activate our higher states of awareness.  But now, times have changed
and I find myself on the precipice of yet another mid-course-correction.  

The past 10 months have offered me an opportunity to have an up-close-and-personal glimpse of my own mortality and a view of a wide alternative future of possibilities.   Consequently, I am inclined (once again) to choose the pursuit of “la vita all’ombra” (think Ferdinand the Bull, my fellow Taurean, reclining under a shade tree, sniffing the delightful odor of a recently plucked flower.)  The decision to do so is to be explored in next week’s Final Harmonic Concordance Post.  Please do mark the date.

This week though, Jan Lundquist puts some finishing touches on her “Field Surveys” reports, discussing the recognizable sensations of consciousness associated with different brainwave states, and reminds us that they are all within our reach, if we but pay attention to the neuro-biofeedback we actually receive from them.


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Universally speaking, the first and last key in this Quest is, as the ancient Delphic Oracle tells us, “Man, know thyself.”  Beyond that admonition, the Oracle adds, “… for to know thyself is to know the Gods.”  Indeed, there are almost as many methods for the cultivation and practice of this Self-knowledge as there are individuals.

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