A Projection of Ascension II

A Projection of Ascension II
The Leopard Queen

This three-part collection has been excerpted from the longer piece which first appeared on the
Harmonic Concordance website, the now defunct Astrosite.com.  Lela’s 
clear-eyed vision
of Ascension serves us as a constant reminder of the destination of all Ascending Beings.   In this
part, she addresses Life after Ascension.

We would hope that all men, when facing the Dweller (the secret, “dark” part of their own selves) they will respond with courage and wisdom, and learn to face that “darkness” with Love, compassion and understanding.  When people find it in their hearts to forgive themselves, it becomes so much easier to turn around and extend that to another human.  It is a gift, not a curse.

A man was cursed, and turned into a Beast.  A woman loved the Beast, and her love transformed him back to being a man, a graceful creature in the eyes of the Creator, and of the woman who loved him.

Thus far, we have explained our views and beliefs on WHAT Ascension is (fourth-dimensional consciousness), and HOW it will occur (raising the vibration), and WHAT will precipitate it (humans facing themselves, accepting, and transforming their darkness or transmuting it).

The next question is: So what happens AFTER Ascension?

Who the hell knows?

But seriously, it is true; Earth is truly the first time that third-dimensional consciousness has been experienced through Free Will.  There have been some states of fourth-dimensional consciousness that operated through Free Will; Atlantis was an example, and was such a bad example that the mission had to be scrapped – repeatedly, until out of necessity, we finally fell to the third-dimension, where humans could do a lot less damage than they could in the fourth-dimension.

It was spit-in-the-wind prayers and a few Hail Mary’s, and it took 20,000 years, but it happened; humans gained the right to Ascension through two Harmonic Convergences and the actions and lessons of many, many individuals. 

Life after Ascension

No two people I know have any “set” conviction as to what will happen after Ascension occurs.  There is no “absolute reality” – agreed upon or otherwise, and there will be much that we make up as we go along.  For those who depend on routines, charts, and strict accordance to schedule, this is probably uncomfortable.  However, we believe the “reactionary-types” are in the minority.

The majority of people will begin to consider the possibilities, and the particularly clever or creative are going to see all kinds of opportunity doors opening up for them and for others.  We also believe it is those same people who will be “key” to setting up the best possible constructs of reality.  Those people are the ones who think holistically (what affects me affects those around me), and they will be well-suited to planning and devising implementation of community-agreed projects.

However, those that act as the “voices” for the community will NOT be leaders – they will be voices.  As shamans, or channelers, they will be the ones who agree to serve as “channelers” for the group voice.  There will be division of labor (labor including: thinking up new ideas) and responsibility, but there will not be a militaristic or elitist structure associated with those roles.

Also, those roles will shift.  The voices are not “elected.”   The ones who act as channels will do so in concordance with the Divine Plan, and through Group Thought.  If, at any time, they do not represent Group Thought, other harmonious individuals will step in.  This will be done on a cellular, rather than mental level.  It will occur spontaneously, and without peer judgment.

We believe that animals will speak again, and that their lessons will harmonize a little more concurrently with humans, in the fourth-dimension.  Humans will be more willing to interact directly and to learn from the animals, without being overcome by a need to enslave them, as occurred in Atlantis.  (Also, there are safeguards for the animals’ safety that was not present at that time.)  Animals, too, have earned Free Will, and are bound by the same laws of Divine Intent as are humans.

This applies to other Devic beings as well, including the plant and mineral kingdom.  Devas are free to work in cooperation with humans and other Devic forms, but ALL forms working in the fourth-dimension on Earth will have to be aligned within the Divine Plan.  This alignment is achieved through the Will, and is no more complicated than that.  A soul, of any form, that consciously wills itself to be aligned with the Divine Plan, is aligned, through Intent, and thus, Purpose.

There will be animals (perhaps entire species or breeds) that choose not to ascend, and that is their right.  Some will prefer – as some humans will – to fulfill their Service elsewhere, or to lend their consciousness or magnetic structures to other areas of the Universe that are at need.   Also, there will be some animals not known (or forgotten) in the third-dimension that will choose to appear and be of Service in the fourth-dimension.  No departure is to be mourned; they are to be celebrated.  No arrival is to be feared; they are to be welcomed.

There may perhaps be some exodus of certain breeds that humans have become attached to and learned to love, but at least a few of those creatures will remain.  Of the dolphins, for example, many will leave – but many will remain.  This is generally true of most of the animals on this planet.  Some will stay, and some will go.  In many cases, it will also be that certain animals will travel with humans whom they’ve adopted as special (and harmonic), and they may go on to create new possibilities in other societies within the Universe.

One of the joys of the third-dimension has been the “working out of possibility.”   In the Free Will environment, many relationships not previously known to the galaxy (or the universe at large) have developed new bonds; those bonds will remain inasmuch as the individuals allow them to.  The Creator accepts, welcomes, and rejoices in those new relationships.

It is our belief that the Policy of Lesson, and Karma, will remain, but to altered degrees.  It is the nature of consciousness to continue to learn, to grow, and to create.  Karma has been, in the third-dimension, a “regulating Device” of magnetic attraction to ensure that energy put out is energy returned.  This is a Universal law – and not a punitive one.  At any rate, Lesson and Karma will NOT go away, so anyone looking for a free-ride in the fourth-dimension would be better off to book a flight to a different planet – preferably the one they came from.

That is an aspect seldom addressed in prophetical channelings; what exactly is going to happen to the ones who have systematically defied the Divine Plan at every turn?  Well, several things could happen: If those clowns ever get their act together, they will basically be issued a null decree at Ascension.  What this means is that if a “certain someone” for instance, had been nothing but a monster since Atlantis – but at the last moment before Ascension takes firm root – that “monster” finally sees the Light – then we have a case of someone whom it took aeons, but who finally passed the “test”.

Many of us have passed many tests – many of those tests were self-inflicted, and self-graded.  Earth has been the ultimate “go at your own pace” learning academy.  At any rate, while it is annoying (on an ego level) that certain clowns seem to get away with breaking every rule in the book – and failing every test in the book, in the end, there is truly only one test – that of facing the Dweller on the Threshhold.

Anyone who passes that self-test has accomplished what every human ultimately came here to do.  It becomes a moot point that they didn’t play fair, or that they cheated, or that they caused others to lose points; in the end, as the sub-planes vibrate toward the fourth-dimension, what we have is people in their final and true phase of their own self-discovery period.

No one will be able to “fake out” the Dweller.  The Dweller is not about character, virtue, or fabulous reputation; the Dweller on the Threshhold is the mirror of consciousness that reveals itself to a soul, and forces a soul to observe it(self).  If the soul accepts what he sees, then that soul is free to move on, and no other soul has the right to impede it.

Those who meet the Dweller and accept it, are accepting themselves, and are agreeing to accept others.  The Separative Will is lost, and those who go through the Doorway go through as All, rather than One.

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