A Projection of Ascension III

A Projection of Ascension III
The Leopard Queen

This three-part collection has been excerpted from the longer piece which first appeared on the
Harmonic Concordance website, the now defunct Astrosite.com.  Lela’s 
clear-eyed vision
of Ascension serves us as a constant reminder of the destination of all Ascending Beings.   In this
part, she addresses the fourth-dimension as Paradise.

The fourth-dimension as Paradise: What does that mean to you?  (Tell the Universe!)

When I think of Paradise, I think of being rejoined with the Spirit world, and that we become the One that we always were, in the fourth-dimension but not in the third.  And, by “Spirit world”, I do not become ectoplasmic or etheric – it means that my physical body becomes permeable, and that I am consciously aware of permeation.  When I see the colors of a rainbow, I see the color blue as it fills my heart with love.  I see my heart responding with a conscious will of its own.  I see the color purple waving through my brain area, and I know in a physical sense that I have new ideas, and that I can see the manifestation of my thoughts.

In the fourth-dimension, I do not see a complacent people, who simply pull forth what they need and do not return energy to Earth or to their fellow man.  I see all men who collectively agree to maintain peace, and even a utopia – but not perfection, as perfection is a perception, and requires spiritual equilibrium.  It is Pursuit of Perfection that is the most fun.

Humanity must remember to multiply, rather than divide, the gifts that it perceives.

That is the eternal gift of Magic.

In the fourth-dimension, we will have added depth to our existence, and many of what we call “Laws of Physics” will change; that is to say that they will be reappraised, and understood a great deal differently than they are now.  Many Laws of Physics are posited from a third-dimensional rather than Universal reality.  The laws of time will change, and the laws of matter.  All of the sciences, including mathematics, will multiply “possibilities” exponentially, and this should be enough to keep certain scientists and theorists amused for at least 1,500 years.

Ironically, it will not matter what is understood, or explainable in rational terms.  The term “rational” will take on a whole new dimension – and will embrace the spiritual aspect as part of any calculation.  Indeed, it is the (currently unperceived) spiritual dimension that has eluded scientists thus far, and as it has been “unquantifiable” in the past, it has merely been eliminated from the equation(s).

The third-dimensional equations, which are largely correct (and beneficial to leading us to this point), will have to be reevaluated – but it should not take long for those reconfigurations to be effected, thanks to the spiritualist theories that are already being posited within the third-dimension.

Ascension should be a lot of fun.  Many will feel, in the beginning, that they are living in an altered reality, and will feel slightly fuzzy or unbalanced.  The physical state of appearance will change in many ways; humans will begin to transmorph into their true Soular appearance, and this means physical transformation.  Health will become something that is controlled by the individual, and as long as he remains in harmony with his environment, he will remain stable.

Immortality is a possibility in the fourth-dimension.  There has been abuse in the past regarding immortality, and of enslaving the power of other immortals, and we like to think that is a condition that has changed through Earth experience.  At any rate, the magnetic laws of Earth will change sufficiently, and the cellular code of each individual will be programmed (by experience in the third-dimension) to defend its body, and if necessary, to leave the biosphere of Earth to protect itself.

Skin will feel differently.  We refer to this because it is a common reference point.  Skin will be more permeable, it will seem as if it is easily penetrable with no ill-effect.  Many people not used to the ideas of atomic-structure or molecular stacking may be put off during the initial restructuring stage.  There WILL be a restructuring period.

What does that really mean?  Humans, in the third-dimension, are used to looking at their bodies and saying, “That’s the way it is.”  Some people, who believe (correctly) in the power of Will, have learned to focus the power of their minds on their bodies, and eventually learn to master – to some extent – the power of the mental plane upon the physical plane.  Those people who seem to be “blocked” are actually blocked by their astral (emotional) bodies.  Thus, in the third-dimension, it requires harmony of the entire spirit body, and a dedication of Purpose, for humans to will their bodies into shape.

In the fourth-dimension, it will be possible (nay, it will be necessary!) for humans to restack their molecules.  This is what some call “rejuvenation”, and it will be possible to do such by Will, and specifically with Divine Intent.  One of the screw-ups in Atlantis was to have “rejuvenation centers” where people went to have their molecules restacked, and often as not stole those molecules from those considered particularly powerful.  There are umpteenth gazillion molecules in the Universe that are not currently being utilized; it is THOSE molecules that need to be harnessed – with their permission – to insure rejuvenation with Divine Intent.

This is the true nature of immortality within conscious beings.  They rejuvenate with the exchange and integration of new cells, available through the Universe, in a cooperative manner.  “Immortals” do go through periods of whole transformation, in which case they require total transmutation of old matter into new matter, but this will affect every individual differently, and their “timelines” will be different.

It is to be hoped that ALL humans have learned their Lessons, either through Atlantis, or since.  Lemuria and Mu had their own problems, but karmically were not as cataclysmic as Atlantis.  We would hope that no one with any sense would want to “re-live” any of those environments.  We would like to think that Ascension will be different, for several reasons:

The Earth population has really had the chance to explore the concept of Unity, and to understand how the macro- and micro-cosim depend on that very fact; the population has thoroughly experienced Duality in the most comprehensive manner possible, and having done things the “hard way” for so long, ought to find fourth-dimensional life a “snap” in comparison.  In both cases, the “racial memory” ought to be imbedded in our cellular codes.

Color and texture will be different.  We discussed texture to some extent, when talking about “permeability.”  Color (in relation to sight) will be the difference between a 16-bit computer and a 256-bit computer.  The color scale will also go back to red-blue-green, rather than red-yellow-blue, as we are taught in art school as the primary colors.  It does not matter, for this discussion, the “history of color” – but it is relevant to know that humans’ eyesight will begin to perceive depth of color – and therefore of matter.

It is that depth of color perception that will allow humans to see things – and people – they’ve never seen before.  Yet, the sensation will be one of recognition.  We’re not inheriting a “new reality” – we are reaffirming a reality long denied.  It will be as puzzle pieces coming together.

The best thing about Ascension, from my personal viewpoint, is the harmonic convergence of humans in the physical-dense and the physical non-dense realities.  It will seem as a big reunion – people having forgotten the Divine Plan, will remember that they volunteered to go in (to incarnation) on a 1/3 in, 2/3 out system.

A way to visualize the fourth-dimension is a giant platform full of people that is raised to the ceiling.  When the people get to the next level, they realize they’ve been here before, and start to recognize familiars from the past.

So, there is no destruction, there is simply a reintegration.

Other forms will change, as we know them in the third-dimension:  Government, education, religion, and science.

Government – Government will be internal, rather than external.  This means that the voices of
government will truly be directed – telepathically and empathetically – through the people.  A single
member of the chosen government will be highly accountable in the fourth-dimension.  Currently,
the government responds (if they do) to mail, which is simply a configuration of words in print.
However, in the fourth-dimension, if a constituent becomes upset, the governmental figure will feel
that upset physically, and will be more inclined to respond to it.  “I feel your pain” will truly have
meaning, when humans can radiate the power of their emotion to elected office.

Education – no longer will the System “get away with” regurgitating information, and reducing it
to its lowest common denominator.  No longer will a select few be allowed to determine what is suitable
for the mind of man.  The needs of the people will prevail over the narrow, the bigoted, and the loveless.
No human will be dependent upon the educational system, and therefore the educational system will
become dependent upon the will of man, as it should be.

Religion – will be converted to the more truly harmonious spiritual path, and will rid itself of
prejudice, narrowness, and ignorance.  Religion – as Spiritualism – will embrace the All rather than
the Few.  SPIRITUALISM will embrace the totality of existence, and will encourage transmogrification
on an individual basis.  Spiritualism will embrace philosophy, and will understand that thought
(mental) and emotion (astral) are physically connected to the Earth.  Thus, the “parties” or religious
groups will break down, and to survive, all groups must respond to the Universal Spirit of the group.
Therefore, religion and science will merge to express Spiritualism on a Universal level – the true key
to existence in ANY dimension.

Science – will embrace the harmonics of spiritual existence into its equations.  Science will be
microcosmic and holistic at the same time, and will thrive, but will not rise in greater importance
than the Will of the People.  It is, in fact, the Will of the People that will fuel scientific discovery.
We would hope that the two would rise in comparable tides, and that each supports the other in
perfect synchronicity.

Currency, not mentioned above, will also change.  Currently, power in the third-dimension is
measured by monetary wealth, or who controls the world food supply.  Currency (money) as we know
it in the third-dimension, is a false external Device of measurement, and does not truly reflect cost and
effect.  In other words, for whatever “dollars” mean, humans are not getting their dollar’s worth.  This
is not merely about inflation – another external distortion of “value” – but about the fact that an act
must be returned with an act, a though returned with a thought, or a feeling returned with a feeling.

In the fourth-dimension, “need” will be expressed as an Intention.  The intent will be returned with a supply proportional to the need.  There will not be waste, and there will not be a false shift in supply, nor supply falsely controlled by anyone.  Planetary economy, as an esoteric principle, will finally be allowed to manifest.

For once, in the history of Earth, humans will have what they need, and recognize their own power to manifest the solutions that benefit themselves and their fellow Man.  Dependence will become a thing of the past, to be replaced by Cooperation.

What a beautiful day that will be…

Love, Galadriel