Qualities of Love

In every facet of life there are countless ways love influences our lives.  It glorifies, magnifies, and gives life meaning beyond our imaginings.  Joy, happiness, fulfillment, transformation, sacrifice and courage are but a few of the many qualities associated with love.

The more conventional ways we have our lives transformed is by the presence of our mate, wife or husband, children, parents and friends.  We are also transformed by seriously accepting Christ, Buddha, Ramakrishna or another great religious or spiritual personage into our lives or by having a spiritual epiphany that shakes the foundation of our core values.

Less often thought of is how people make sacrifices of such distinction that only love could have motivated or inspired the act to occur.  Perhaps less often thought of is how bravery and love are yoked. Courage shines brightly whenever a person sacrifices his or her life to save another’s life.