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Holly Rae Butryn

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Holly Rae BtryunThe word Reiki comes from the combination of two Japanese words, Rei (Universal Life Force) and Ki (Energy) and is a spiritually guided life force energy.  The Reiki energy is channeled through the practitioner to the receiving person.  A skillful Reiki practitioner energy will help to harmonize and balance the body, mind and spirit.  Practitioners can, and should, give Reiki to themselves – and can share it with other people, plants and and even animals.  Basically, anything can receive Reiki.  I personally send Reiki energy to the Mother Earth while I hike and put Reiki energy in all of my stones  and crystals which I use for healing.  Reiki works through the intent of the practitioner and can only be used for good.

Mikao Usui

Mikao Usui

Reiki was re-discovered in the mid 1800’s by Dr. Mikao Usui who is responsible for its revival.   His personal mission was to discover the secret knowledge of hands-on healing.   His journey led him from Kiyoto, Japan to the University of Chicago where he earned his Doctorate of Theology.   From there he traveled to India to study holy writings.  He discovered Sanskrit formulas and symbols in the old Buddhist Sutras which he thought held answers to his quest.  He then returned to Japan and decided to go to the sacred Mount Kuriyama for 21 days so that he could fast and meditate.  He believed he would receive contact with the consciousness described in the Sanskrit formulas.  On the 21st day he received the Reiki symbols and attunement which gave birth to the Usui System of Reiki.

Reiki is passed down from Reiki Master Teacher to student.  The course of study consists of three levels:  Level One is the attunement that will give you the ability to work on one’s self.    In Level Two, the student is attuned with three of the Reiki Sacred symbols.  They are the power symbol, “Cho Ku Rei,” the mental, emotional and addiction symbol, “Sei He Ki” and the long distance symbol, “Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen.”   Upon receiving these three symbols, the student is permitted to work on others.  These symbols can be used on people, plants and animals or any vibrational subject, including the entire Earth.

Level Three is the Master Teacher Attunement where the student receives the Usui Master symbol “Dai Koo Myo.”  When one has become a Reiki Master this symbol intensifies the Reiki energy and takes it to a higher level, thus creating a stronger connection to Source.  Reiki Masters learn how to teach and attune others to Reiki. 

Anyone can become a Reiki practitioner.  However, and many people only take Reiki One just to be able to work on themselves.  If they want to work with others, they would take Reiki One & Two and be attuned.  If someone feels the call to teach Reiki they would take all three levels.  This, ideally, should be over a span of a few years.  Like any occupation, it takes more than classes and a paper certificate to become a Master.   

Work and heal yourself first and become comfortable with the energy so you can grow and mature into becoming a master and truly help others.  This comes from practice and living your life, treating others as you would want to be treated.   You learn to live in Joy and then spread it to others.

Once a Reiki practitioner is attuned and has received all five Reiki symbols, they are activated and amplified with each session the practitioner performs.   They are incredible healing tools.  With the internet, these symbols can be found anywhere, but they are sacred symbols and will not work for you, unless you have been attuned to them.

As a Reiki practitioner, it is essential that you always ground and shield yourself.  You never want to pass on any negative energy to a client, and likewise, you do not want to hold onto any negative energy you may receive from one. 

The attuned Reiki practitioner does not use their own energies, but calls upon the universal life force energy of Reiki.  They bring in the symbols and ask for the energy to come, then step out of the way becoming a vessel for the Reiki energy.

The practitioner sends the energy with the intent of whatever the recipient would like to heal, which can be a specific disease or emotional condition.  Reiki is an intelligent life force that knows where to go once it is called.  There is never a pushing or forcing of the energy.  If ego comes in Reiki energy will cease to flow.  Until a healer is attuned to Reiki, they are using their own energy to heal.   We all have healing within us, but pitfalls of the ego and time may cause long term personal energy depletion. 

What can be expected from the session is as varied as each recipient.  The recipient removes shoes, hats and glasses and, when I am giving a session, all electronic devices.  Reiki practitioners always ask if they are allowed to touch.  Recipients are then asked what they would like the practitioner to work on.   It is imperative to ask this question.  It is totally up to the recipient as Reiki energy can be given by hovering over the Reiki positions.   

I personally prefer to touch, I feel and sense the person’s energy and blockages.  The touch is very light and there is no manipulation.   As the energy flows the recipient may feel warmth, vibrations and feel or see colors of the energy.  Many people fall asleep.  Sessions usually last an hour or longer if more healing is needed.   

There are 15 standard positions, but with experience, the practitioner may add more.  It is always based on what the client needs and an experienced Reiki practitioner will let the energy flow where it is needed and be guided accordingly.

Reiki energy healing is ultimately between the recipient and the Universal Life Force energy.  The practitioner stays unattached except to be the conduit and give them the tools.  The Reiki experience is always calm and removes stress.  Along with facilitating the healing process needed for the recipient, it is a beautiful and loving state of being.

Reiki promotes self-healing, balances the energies, balances the organs and glands, releases blocked and suppressed feelings, emotions and memories, and relieves pain.  In the future we will explore this subject in more depth.  I always welcome questions.