Spirit at the Crossings VII

The 2015 Autumnal Equinox Chart
Madalyn Hillis-Dineen

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The Autumnal Equinox chart (September 23, 2015 at 4:20:31 am EDT) corresponds to the first day of Fall in the Northern Hemisphere. As I’ve said many times before, the themes in these Cardinal Ingress charts begin to manifest a few weeks before the actual ingress.

Here’s what that chart looks like:





Just as in this year’s Summer Solstice chart, the moon is Void of Course. What does this say about the power of the people to express themselves? Astrologers sometimes say that nothing comes of things undertaken with a void of course moon. Since the movement of the moon through the sign tells a particular story depending on the sign and aspects it has made, the void moon period offers a time to ruminate over what has occurred over the last few days. As such, the void moon period is a wonderful time for contemplation and meditation. Also, Mercury is retrograde in this Equinox chart. This may very well be a time for everyone to reevaluate, synthesize and assimilate what has occurred over the last several months.

In the above chart cast for Washington, DC, Mars rises. It is not likely that cooperation will occur in the halls of Congress. Rather, more politics as usual, with both sides jockeying for position as we head into primary election season in 2016. The populace, signified by the void moon, rarely benefits from this tug of war. We also find that Pluto is Sesquiquadrate (135 degree aspect) the ascendant, further indicating that power plays will mark this Congressional season. Can this be indicative of the threat to shut down the government once more, this time over the funding of planned parenthood?

Figures one and two show the same chart on a 90 degree dial, a tool used by Symmetrical astrologers.


When we look at the Equinox chart from the perspective a symmetrical astrologer, we notice that Saturn and Vulcanus (power, force, super Pluto-like) stands on the Cardinal axis (0 degrees of the 4 Cardinal signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn). The people in general, again represented by the Moon, are subjected to powerful hindrances. Neptune is also involved in this picture, indicating that these hindrances seemingly have no end in sight, a virtual imprisonment or paralysis. (Figure 1). In Figure 2, we are looking at the 22.5 degree aspect to the Cardinal Axis, still considered to be part of the Cardinal Axis, and we see the midpoint of Hades and Zeus there. These two are indicators of considerable meanness. What comes to mind here is the continuing plight of Syrian refugees who have largely been subjected to incredibly harsh treatment and even death as they attempt to make their way to a better life.

In an another incredible act of meanness, a 14 year old Muslim boy in Texas was arrested and brought to police headquarters for bringing a homemade clock to school, which his teacher feared was a bomb. Facebook posts have arisen in the last day or so questioning whether or not the teacher or the authorities really believed it was a bomb. These Facebook memes have pointed out that the clock was never treated like a bomb. Why weren’t the children evacuated? Why didn’t the bomb squad come to carefully examine the clock? Why did they simply take the bomb/clock to police headquarters? Why was this child arrested at all?

And, finally, the current Republican front-runner also seems to exhibit inordinate meanness in his remarks about women, immigrants, his opponents and yet seems to be rising in the polls in spite of them or, worse yet, because of them. Most recently, he failed to correct a supporter who suggested that President Obama is a Muslim and not an American. Sadly, The Donald failed to demonstrate the statesmanship of John McCain who, when faced with the same statement from a supporter, took the time to correct her rather than letting it go or saying that he didn’t hear it. This campaign is bringing political meanness to a new low level.

By contrast, on the other side of the fence, Bernie Sanders refuses to enter into such a battle with Hillary Clinton. And, Clinton, for the most part, has not gone after Sanders either. And, the Pope has suggested that every Catholic parish in Europe house a migrant family, as he has at the Vatican. And, the President has invited the Texan Muslim science prodigy to bring his clock to the White House.

So, my friends, we get to witness yet again the perennial battle between light and darkness, between truth and lies, between fear and love. When we live our lives in fear – fear of the unknown or different – are we not as paralyzed and and imprisoned by our own beliefs as those refugees are who are striving to find a home?  Spiritually speaking, this quarter seems to be a time when we can look at ourselves and reflect on our own meanness, our own fears and our own pettiness and, hopefully, move toward love and truth and our higher impulses.