The Nature of Fire

The activities of all the elements are instigated and regulated through the action of fire.  Fire is the first step in every process.  It provides the initial spark for all life, from the spark of conception of a baby to the spark of inspiration for an idea.  Every process begins with fire.

The abilities to flare or subside are qualities of fire.  This allows variation in any process so that activity can be appropriate to its time and place.  Fire is the least dense of all the elements, being a light, upward-tending element like air.  Fire stimulates air, working through the balance of gases in the atmosphere and bringing it to a state of activity so that it can support life.

Fire also has the ability to consume and transform.  Through burning, materials are drastically changed.  The old form is consumed in the flames and a new form remains.  All change, therefore, uses fire in some degree.  Everything from physical growth to spiritual evolution depends on aspects of fire.  Fire has the ability to cleanse and purify and to invigorate and vitalise, allowing new life.

The opposite of fire is water.  Fire counters the tendency of water to remain still by bringing the vitality of movement to it.

John and Lyn St Clair-Thomas explore the magical unseen realms of nature, describing the metaphysical nature of Fire, its energies and archetypes.