Stardreaming in Santa Fe

Stardreaming in Sante Fe

© Rev. Carrie Laughing Heart, 2016

5733575635_90fe6fde31_bImage credit: Marc Soller via flickr

I found my new favorite place on Earth last weekend, in a remote spot near Santa Fe, New Mexico. Stardreaming is the site of a magical complex of stone labyrinths, wheels, and temples collectively known as The Temple of the Cosmos, a reimagining of ancient traditions.

Since the earliest times, indigenous cultures around the world have used stones to create sacred sites, to perform rituals, to celebrate the seasons, and to receive knowledge. Stonehenge is the most famous of these ancient sites, and modern researchers are convinced that the giant standing stones were placed according to a sophisticated, perhaps arcane, system of geometry and astronomy.

In many native cultures and belief systems we are thought to live on the sacred “hoop” or the “circle of life.” A Medicine Wheel is a symbol of that circle.  Stones, or other objects are used to represent the four cardinal directions, both literally and figuratively: The direction of the circle proceeds from the East (the mental body), through the South (the emotional body), and the West (the physical body), to the North (the Spiritual body, where Spirit, Creator, God, Goddess, lives).  Your eternal higher self stands in the center of the circle.

Labyrinths have also been around forever, and have been used by many as a form of walking meditation. Remnants of all of these ancient forms of “earth art” can still be found in diverse locations around the globe, but the Temple of the Cosmos welcomes in to the new millenium

Sometime in early 1996,  James Jereb, a humble art historian, began to experience an extraordinary awakening during which he was given guidance from various “Shining Ones, or Masters, from the higher realms of consciousness.” Afraid and confused at first, he followed “their” instructions and guidance.  He started to paint on large canvas, to open stargates, and to build stone temples. Since that time, his Life’s work has been about opening portals that have long been closed to modern man.

Jereb’s Temple of the Cosmos consists of 16 open air “worship sites” covering 22 acres. Fifty different kinds of stones, ranging from boulders of quartz and granite to chips of obsidian and red jasper were used to build the Temple. Some 600 tons of stone were moved and  aligned into sacred geometrical configurations with only a crow bar and steel pipe for tools.

In addition, Jereb chipped 50 tons of stone by hand to open the memories of the stones and release the alchemical fire within.  Each site is oriented to specific stellar, lunar, or solar alignments.  Each has its own unique creation story and design. The type of stone used, and time of year each was built were all carefully chosen.

Created according to the Hermetic tradition of revered geometry, alchemy and magic, these temples, or vortices create a portal for divine energy and healing. Jereb says,  “In creating these temples, the stone taught me surrender, trust, love and humility.”

Most of the temples at Stardreaming are in the form of labyrinths. What I loved most, besides the incredible stones that greeted me at every entrance, from the huge to the tiny, were the beautiful offerings left by the people who had visited. There were crystals, stones of every description and size, tokens and jewelry.

Knowing that only 10 people are allowed in every day, I had made sure to have a reservation, and bring some offerings of my own.  The Temple of Avalon is a seven-circuit labyrinth aligned with a full moon and is composed of chipped black obsidian and white onyx.  It honors the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Avalon and the wisdom of the Ancients.  It facilitates the MAGNIFICATION of the energy of light and dark. I was led to leave a crystal with both smoky and clear quartz there.

I have a very deep connection with the Wee Folk, most especially the Fay.  The Faery Folk are alive and well!  They seem to work hand in hand with the Stone Kingdoms, and the Faery Ring at Stardreaming is enchanting and magical.   Be careful not to stay too long, they will try to keep you.  They love anything bright and shiny, new coins, bells, candy, keys, small tokens, especially crystals.  Don’t put anything down you’re not willing to leave!

The energy and teachings of the different temples is so profound that there is no way anyone could walk all the temples in one day, even if it were physically possible.  I give thanks to my sister Robbie Eagle Bear for introducing me to this magical, sacred place.  I give thanks to James and his guides.  I most especially give thanks to the Stone Kingdoms for keeping this sacred stone temple labyrinth complex for the new millennium.

James has published 3 books, “Alchemy of the Stone: Journey of a Visionary Alchemist, Quest of the Golden Dolphin in the land of Stardreaming”, and his newest, “Spirit Magic and Light, a Visionary Meditation for Enlightenment”, a compilation of 113 of his paintings.

Blessings from the Stone Kingdoms,                                                                                            

– Rev. Carrie Laughing Heart