Tanaaz Chubb

Tanaaz Chubb, the co-creator and owner of the website, Forever Conscious, has also been featured in Elle Magazine Italia and is a contributing writer for The Huffington Post.

Growing up in Melbourne, Australia, Tanaaz moved to Los Angeles, USA after winning a green card in a lottery.  She arrived in LA eager to pursue work in the entertainment industry.   However, it seemed that the Universe had other plans for her.

Tanaaz always had a passion for writing, so she started writing content and blogs for clients and professional companies.  While this helped her to pay the bills, Tanaaz felt a stronger and deeper calling to turn her attention to the world of all things metaphysical.  Feeling bored with her job as a content writer, Tanaaz had the inspiration one day to create Forever Conscious, which would use her writing and blogging talents as well as her passion for all things spiritual and metaphysical.

Tanaaz teamed up with her friend, Dr. Wei Chao and together, along with some other amazing friends, they started to grow the website.  Through the journey of building the website, Tanaaz felt more and more guided to share her intuitive insights and to offer her readers intuitive and astrological readings.

To date, she has done countless readings that have helped to guide and inspire others.  She has also written two books – “Becoming Forever Conscious” and “Messages for the Soul and released an e-course, “How to Connect With Your Spirit Guides.”  Her next book, “The Power of Positive Energy” is expected to be released in August 2017.

Tanaaz currently lives in Los Angeles with her boyfriend and puppy dog, Cake.