The Ascended Life VI

The Ever Ascended Life

Johnny Mirehiel


Johnny Mirehiel

I have written and spoken about Ascension several times before.  While many know me as Mirehiel, I am just a kid from the Bronx, all grown up and living right HERE – in the NOW, an Ever Ascending Being living an ever ascending life.


One of our “Voices” on this Blog, Le’Vell Zimmerman, has written extensively on the Theme, Grounding in the Now.  His work points to the importance of “being here now,” as have many (Ram Das, Eckhart Tolle, Jay Dixit and Steve Pavlina among many others).  So, this is always the starting point.  Always.  And HERE, is always the place.  Always.

In consciously embarking on the path of what I call The Ascended Life, I have chosen a road somewhat less traveled.  I believe in the point of view that all of the Universe that we think we know, from the micro to the macrocosmic, is but one of many multiple Universes.  This is the  manifest and un-manifested world of materiality.  Further, I believe that we live in a Universe in which thoughts feed into Its continual expansion on many different levels.

As a matter of fact, all created things in our current environment begin first as thoughts.  From that chair you’re sitting on to Beethoven’s Ninth, those results were the products of thoughts that first took form in someone’s imagination.  Their physical manifestations emerged from an intangible Realm that influences our shared and manifest world of materiality, moving us ever forward in science, arts, and (hopefully) spiritual understanding.

And what is the un-manifested world of materiality, you ask?  It is energy – before it takes form.  In terms of physical sciences, it is the mysterious dark energy that is currently estimated to compose 68% of the Universe, and to contribute to its continual expansion.  By the final years of the last century, theoretical astrophysicists were in general agreement that the Universe must eventually contract and finally implode upon itself, due to the accumulation of the force of gravity.

“Then came 1998 and the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) observations of very distant
supernovae that showed that, a long time ago, the Universe was actually expanding
more slowly than it is today.  So the expansion of the Universe has not been slowing
due to gravity, as everyone had thought, it has been accelerating.  No one expected
this, no one knew how to explain it.  But something was causing it.”

As I see it, I can not only access that “Dark Energy” Realm, but inhabit it as well, according to how my spiritual understanding conceives it to be.  It is in my willingness to imagine beyond this material world, that allows me to embrace the idea of living an Ascended Life, of seeing, feeling, and knowing, that this human garment is but one of the many I wear.

Now I am sure that somewhere in these pages, I have written about my objection to the teachings of my catechism class, that our job in “God’s plan” is to worship and serve “Him.”  But if God did create man is his own image…then our Job Assignment Number One must be to come to understand ourselves in that light.  How else can we do this but to stretch ourselves to the very limit of our conceptual ability?

Can you imagine being a life sustaining planet or a star, generating the life supporting energy for that planet?  Can you imagine being the solar system revolving around it and the galaxy in which it sails?  Multiply those concepts by thousands, hold all of that in mind, and know that all of that is only the manifest portion of Creation.  But by the process of creating the images you have fed and expanded the realm of dark matter from which all emerges.

A Trinity of Ascended Behaviors

As one who tries to maintain that Ascended Life, and within the context of the above suggested  thought created Universe, I found that the wisdom of the ages actually supports my own self-directed energy – as seen through the prism of certain basic behaviors.


In Maslow’s hierarchal Table of Needs, he places “Self Actualization” atop his pyramidally depicted steps.


I have had a most blessed life, especially as regards to the four lower tiers of the above pyramid. In terms of my needs bodily needs, safety concerns, need for (Self)Love, and (Self)Esteem, all is very cool.   Consequently, I have had the luxury of devoting my time to the attainment of Self-Actualization.  Clearly, not all have been as fortunate as I.  As I said, a blessed life.

I choose to look at my life out here in the High Dessert as the outward manifestation of my own projections of my idea of what the Ascended Life requires.  While they are fairly simple to explain, at the same time they are also easy to behave with an eye towards being the Creator of the best “Me” that I can conceive of Being.

I doing so, I try to keep in mind that, therefore, it behooves me to act, think, and talk as one who is actually possessed of  these “Ascended Qualities.”  In no way do I lay claim to their origin.  Indeed, I stand on the shoulders of too many Giants and teachers.  I simply offer them as commentary on one part of the kit I choose to carry in this Here  and Now.  Again as I see it, these characteristics are both easy accept, being Universal in nature, and self-satisfying to adhere to.

These three principles are, for me, the absolute bedrock upon which the Ascended Journey is founded.  Once established as one’s guiding standards, the goals of Ascension are bound to bare fruit.   I list them here, briefly, in no particular order.  Feel free to amend my “Trinity” as you see fit.


While Joy may not come immediately to mind as a bedrock principal, I submit that making the choice
to meet absolutely any moment with Joy is an essential Ascended behavior.  Which leads me to the
second leg of my “Litany of the Ascended Life.”


In my view, Isness means the simple act if being which equates to the idea of the only moment in which
anything can be done: NOW.  Think on this: can we do ought in, or about. the past?  How would one go
back to the past for a re-do?  Absent time travel technology, it simply cannot be done.  The same holds
true for the future.  Can’t touch it!  Oh yes, one can prepare for it, but even that can only be done NOW.
And it is a common theme shot throughout the thoughts and literature of Spiritual, Metaphysical and
esoteric belief systems spanning the ages and crossing all cultural boundaries.  Isness and being HERE
and NOW are essentially the same animal.

Loving Kindness

“All you need is Love” someone once said.  Smart young man, that.  Of course, John Lennon was not
nearly the first one to express this idea.  Nearly two thousand years earlier, another persecuted wise
man said, “A new command I give you: Love one another.  As I have loved you, so you must love one
another.”  And some 400 years before that, yet another wise person said; “Hatred does not cease by
hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule.”  If only we would actually live by those sayings…


The Eyes in the Back of Your Head  

The Prime Creator pours out endless creations in limitless forms.  By my thoughts and imaginations, I am able to participate in, and experience, some of these manifestations.

In a recent vision, one bright and crisp March morning, I was shown the vastness of Creation, spread out before me, as if it were emanating from from my own singular point of view.  While I was enrapt with that sight, an unexpected Voice in my head told me:

“Now, turn your focus you attention through the eyes at the back of your head.  Let yourself
look out at the image that you see from that perspective.”

When I shifted and looked out from the eyes at the back of my head, front to back as it were, I saw a dark tunnel and experienced myself receding from at a most rapid pace.

Tunnel 1

The Voice said:

“That is the Past that you are looking back on, from this moment of Now.  There’s nothing you
can do to reclaim it and it moves away from you, at every moment, beyond the speed of light.”  

I can’t begin to replicate this with my limited graphics skills, but no matter how far away from it I flew, the black hole was still as prominent as ever.  When I puzzled at this, The Voice replied:

“That always present blackness is the Void which pre-dates eternity.  It is the canvas upon which
Creation paints Itself…now return your vision forward, and look.”

I was hurtling forward through another tunnel, swooshed along at the speed of light, only this time I was traveling towards a brilliant white light.

tunnel 2

Then I was propelled out of that tunnel into the vastness of deep space, surrounded by Billions of stars.


The Voice came once again:

“Relax and find your place among us, for you are becoming a star.”

I floated gently back into my “little-Self.”

I believe that I was given this fleeting vision, now indelibly etched on my mind, because I allowed and welcomed it.  The actual projection happened, in more prosaic terms, because the frequency wavelength between that “outer” metaphorical emanation and my own “inner” thought process was opened and unencumbered for those too brief moments.

That frequency is out there, dear reader, for you to open to should you ever wish to do so.  I plan to revisit it often, as I do just now in writing this piece.




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