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Welcome.  Thanks for stopping by.  This page is going to be expanding over the next months and years, and may indeed see a change in format in the days ahead.  As it proceeds, the date above will change accordingly. 

The Concordance Blog’s intent is to provide a wide spectrum of Spiritual, Metaphysical, Scientific and Philosophical ideas as they shed light on the path of our Ascended Journey.  As  such, there is a long list of additions to be made.   This will be fun to put together.  If you’d like, please feel free to send me your favorite suggestions and I will, with acknowledgement, work them in as I go. (HERE)  Please scroll.

I beg your indulgence, for I have to start this list with our own HC Blog Production.

The Harmonic Concordance Blog Video


Chris Fields

What Can Physics Tell Us About Consciousness?

Sir Roger Penrose

The Quantum Nature of Consciousness

Bernard Carr

Why did Consciousness Emerge?

Russell Brand

THE Best Spiritual Rant You’ll Ever Hear:

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