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Ascension, in a simple and spiritual sense is very similar to the Eastern concept of Enlightenment found in Buddhism.  In its basic spiritual or metaphysical sense it can be thought of as the highest state of Man (humanity).   It is the expansion of awareness.  It involves the realization of being ONE with the Creator and all of creation.

Ascension, in this spiritual sense of the word, does not mean that one’s physical body is lifted off the ground and flies through the air, ascending up into or above the clouds towards a physical place called ‘heaven,’ although some religious adherents still literally imagine this very scenario.   But for the sake of understanding, if Ascension did actually involve entering heaven without dying, then it would be more accurate to say that Ascension is about “bringing heaven to earth” by raising the “lower” vibrational aspect of your non-physical being to a higher vibrational state of being or realization.

Ascension can also be understood in a more metaphysical way by considering the concept of Dimensions or “planes of existence,” or “planes of consciousness.”  This would mean that Ascension is about shifting from one dimension, frequency, plane of existence or consciousness (such as the “lower,” physical Earth plane) to another plane, dimension or state of consciousness that is of a “higher frequency.”

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