Aletheia Luna


It was at the tender age of 6 that I realized there was something altogether abnormal about me.   Almost two decades later I’m still pretty convinced I’ll grow old to be the mysterious local eccentric with hoards of cats, and a taste for exotic plants and esoteric books.

On a daily basis you’ll find me tending to my medicinal plants, writing, researching, reading or mothering this website, which I invest a lot of love, energy and dedication into.

What I love in life



I love to express what I can’t usually express verbally in words.   This has resulted in more than 100 published articles so far on LonerWolf, two non-fiction books on Old Souls and cultivating Quiet Strength, and a new and upcoming fictional novel I hope to publish soon.

Nature and gardening

Nurturing and surrounding myself with nature fills me with peace and a sense of admiration and respect for the natural world.   I love collecting and cultivating medicinal herbs above all else, as they can be used to nourish and heal the body in teas and tinctures that my witchy self loves to create.


As an Introvert, Empath and HSP I get extremely drained by excesses of external stimulation (people, places and things).   I’m a delicate soul, so Solitude provides the most welcome reprieve to relax and rejuvenate my heart, mind and body.   Many of my deepest self-discoveries have also come in the depths of Solitude.


I highly value living authentically, and interacting with authentic, sincere people.   I love to be myself, and to encourage others as well, to completely embrace their dorky and awkward selves.   Authenticity to me is liberating and freeing.

Thinking and living differently

Living wouldn’t truly be living without questioning, challenging and walking the path less traveled.   The world has enough miserable automatons with its backwards beliefs, values and standards.   I love to free myself from society’s sickly constraints and walk to the beat of my own drum.

You can read all of her very informative articles HERE, or contact her at luna (at)



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    Aletheia Luna is an influential spiritual writer whose work has changed the lives of thousands of people worldwide.

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      We agree. Both she and don Mateo Sol are amazing writers and Spiritual thinkers and we’re very happy to have their work on the Harmonic Concordance Blog.

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