The Harmonic Concordance Blogcasts

This Week’s Guest

Bettye Cates

Rev. Bettye Cates has been living “The Birth of the Christ Consciousness in Mankind” since the 2003 Harmonic Concordance, when she discovered her gift for explaining New Age, Metaphysical, and Astrological concepts to skeptics; while validating the universality of God, the unity of Humanity, and the power of the “Collective Consciousness.”

She has also written, in layman’s terms, an excellent summary article which appears on the Harmonic Concordance website, about the Concordance, “Astrology Aspects.”  Recommended reading for anyone interested in the spiritual implications of the Concordance.

Bettye has been a Tarot Reader, Intuitive Counselor, Conscious Channel, Teacher, and Healer for 30+ years. Her spiritual quest recently led to her ordination as a Priest in the Order of Melchizedek through ‘The Sanctuary of the Beloved.”