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Charla Shamhart

Charla Shamhart

Rev. Charla Shamhart is an ordained Preceptor and Reverend in the Science of Mentalphysics which she began practicing back in 1968. She has taught breathwork and meditation techniques, which came out of Tibet.  Trained in Classical Indian Yoga in the 1970’s, she has taught Ashtanga yoga for many years.

Charla studied Shamanism with several well-known teachers and uses it in her healing and counseling work.  Of Cherokee ancestry, she has been involved in Native American spirituality for more than 30 years and runs a store at Powwows called The Desert Star, selling Native American books, music and other educational materials.   A student of herbal medicine for more than 40 years, she went herbing with her family for the first time at age 3.   She is certified at the Elite Master level in the Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (aka, B.E.S.T.), a healing method developed by Dr. M.T. Morter.   She and her husband Michael also  hold a weekly Sunday service, The Circle of Life, at Rainbow Stew in Yucca Valley, California.