Celestial Soul Clearing

Celestial Soul Clearing is the process in which we open up our Akashic Record to release that which no longer serves us.  Within the Akashic Record, your soul will wake up a past memory, emotion, or lesson that is blocking your growth in this current life.  By asking for guidance and completing the lessons, negative energy and false, limiting beliefs are removed.  Once the negative space is cleared, there is more room for you to feel and experience your soul more deeply.  Your soul can then feel more comfortable leading the way and communicating with you.

The more clearings you experience, the more “room” your soul has in your body to lead you through life.  You’ll no longer be carrying layers and layers of heavy baggage as a human body.  Instead, you’ll be more soulful walking the earth in a physical body.  That is a natural and powerful way to live life.

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