Co-Creative Healing III

In The Beginning
Robbie and Bill Spransy

Paul went into him and prayed, and he laid his hands on him, and healed him.”
                                                                                                                                    Book of Acts, Chapter 28, Verse 8

Bill & Robbie Spransy

Bill & Robbie Spransy

In the Beginning (where there really was no real beginning), before Space and Time existed, The One decided that in order to enable Herself to understand Himself better, The One should make manifest the physical ream.  So, in a moment of Divine inspiration, The One expressed Herself in a Heavenly orgasm, “In the Beginning was the Word,” (and that word was OM), thus bringing forth, the Holy Trinity of He, She and the essence of both, which we now call Spirit.

In this first instance of Rapture, The One, and now the Trinity, visualized universes and galaxies, stars and planets, birds and bees, and you and me, All aspects of Her Divine Oneness.  Since He didn’t have a Lowe’s to go to for universe building materials, She drew forth from the Universal Mind this physical Universe. And, in doing so, created Time and Space – the original board game.

We all know that, if there is to be a game, there must be rules.  And if there are to be rules, then there must be rule interpreters or Referees.  Thus, The One created the Angelic Kingdoms.

Since this game of Time and Space was, and is, so unfathomably Grand, He and She both decided to play and so, left Spirit in charge.  Obviously this Grand Game has a certain complexity; so complex, in fact that He and She, while playing this Game, forgot the rules (well, they didn’t really forget the rules they just pretended they forgot them).

Today, the name of this Game is known as “Hide and Seek.”  The object of this game is for Everyone playing to scatter, near and far, and to hide themselves, sometimes even in plain sight.   The game is won when Everyone returns for a Grand Re-Union at Home Base.   Spirit’s charge, in this Game, is to provide the Chosen Ones (us) with the remembrance of  the true reality of that Base.

Each separate being in the Universe returns to the common source.  Returning to the source is
serenity.  If you  don’t  realize the source, you stumble in confusion and sorrow.  When you realize
where you come from, you naturally become tolerant.”             Lao-Tsu,  Tao TE Ching

Now the Ones who have walked among us who remember the Game, are its Coaches.  They are the Saints and the Avatars in various incarnations of He and She.  Today we know them by such as names of Krishna, Buddha, Zoaraster, and Jesus, the Christ-ed One.  These Coaches’ role is to show us that it is we who are always hiding in plain sight of Spirit.  In one notable instance “Coach” Jesus  remarked to the unbelievers who were set to throw Him off of Soloman’s porch in the Temple in Jerusalem, “Is it not written in your Laws that Ye are Gods?

In our lifetimes, in these most exciting and confusing of days, we are blessed to have had among us such stellar “Assistant” Coaches as Mother Meera, Paramahnasa Yogananda, Meher Baba and many other Self-Realized ones who’ve  walked among Us to help us remind us of our own non- separation from Divinity.

Then there are the spiritual Trainers, the ones among the world’s population who’ve been blessed (through the grace of Divine Providence) by their awakening to Spirit and to this game of celestial Hide and Seek.  They are the ones most likely to be handing out the “smelling salts of awareness” to their brothers and sisters of the Game.

In some instances the Trainers appear as spiritual healers and teachers.  This is the capacity in which Robbie and I work within the Church of Harmonic Concordance.  We have stepped forward at this time to share with you how we have come to express our

Divinity through our “holy-istic” healing and teaching work.  It is the healing work which enables us to “Pay It Forward” to Spirit, and this community (which of course is One-in-the-Same).

We have sometimes playfully referred to our healing work as “no promises Healing,” in part, because Robbie is always intuitively directed by Spirit during her healing sessions.  She can only direct the healing energy to those places to which Spirit leads her.  It’s a client’s intention and faith that bring about these, and virtually all other healings.

When someone is guided to us for a healing we know that a “trinity of intention” is Created when “three or more are gathered in My name,” the healings take place in the realm of what some would describe as “miracles.”  Such occurrences are what we know as an answered prayer.  Since this all occurs within the context of the original Game, we also look to the Referees for their supportive guidance.  They always there, just a prayer away.

What makes our work so powerful is Robbie’s capacity to step aside in order to allow Spirit to directly connect with a client’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. The end result of her healing work is bliss, i.e., a profound sense of peace which comes when she removes her hands and the session ends.  This healing work, this connection with Spirit, is so powerful that it continues for three days afterwards.

The goal in our work is to remind you of your connection with the Divine in a very real way, and by doing so to help you to see beyond the veil, beyond the “man behind the curtain,” and see to your Self as you truly are, the One who began the game in the first place.  When One truly recognizes One’s Self, then this Game we play can be played for the sheer Love of it all.

Love All, Serve All,
Robbie and Bill Spransy


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