Crystal Wisdom IV

Got a Pocket Full of Rocks?

Rev. Carrie Laughing Heart

Pocket full of rocks


Are you one of “those people” that walk around with crystals and stones in your pockets and purses?  Well, I do!  I love them!

My Grandfather had a lapidary, where he created jewelry from rocks and stones.  I was fascinated, not only by his creative process, but how he worked the stone into something beautiful.  My brother and I were hardly ever allowed in his workshop, but sometimes, I would sneak in, just to touch, and look, at the stones in all their various stages.  He mostly worked with turquoise and tiger eyes and I find myself remembering him when I see them. 

I’m sure as a child you picked up at least one rock, put it in your pocket, and took it home.  Of course if you were anything like my brother, they were pitched in side arm fashion to hopefully “skip across the water.” This made me sad.  It had taken them so long to finally get out of the water, only to have HIM toss them back.  Even then I was in tune with stone energy. 

Today, they are my friends, teachers, and confidants.   They hold energies and memories from before time existed.  Some even arrived here from “somewhere else.” These Grand Librarians of Mother Earth’s history hold records of cataclysmic changes, and patterns.

According to my Medicine Wheel teachings, the Stone People have a world of their own.  It consists of sand, rock and stones, gems, and crystals.  Each carries its own medicine for the two-legged people. 

Sand brings us lessons in adaptability, because it is always shifting and changing.  It provides a resting place for water, having the ability to hold and cradle it.   

Any rock person that grows in crystal form is part of the crystal family.  Quartz crystals are used daily in all kinds of mundane things.  They have the ability to resist, absorb, expand, hold, alter and change energy.  They operate on the same physiological electricity as the human body.   In fact,  some people can feel the energy just by being in the same room with them. 

Then there are the “shiny ones,” the precious and semi precious gemstones.  One of their jobs is to act as shock absorbers with their beauty. 

A combination of all of these, in one stone, is said to carry the energy of “The Philosophers’ Stone.”

There was a time I thought I needed to take ALL the rocks home with me, kind of like the puppies at the pound.  Then, when I got them home, and didn’t know what to do with them! They started to pile up and then, people started gifting me beautiful stones.  They sat everywhere, on my altars, window sills, and in my garden.  Some of them are still there, but most have been returned to the earth, or re-gifted.

When a stone finds me now, I ask  first, if it would like for me to pick it up.  Then I listen, with my heart’s ear.  If the answer is yes, I pick it up very gently, remembering its placement.  I then introduce myself…how else is it going to know who I am? I ask if it has something to tell me, again, listening.  Sometimes it has something to teach me.  Sometimes, it wants to “work with me.” When we are finished, I return it to its place, giving Thanks and Gratitude. 

They rarely want to go home with me.  But when they do, I feel that it’s important to them; they have a job to do.  I think that’s why they find us. 

And of course, I can never resist a Gem and Mineral show.  It’s a wonderful place to meet  rare and top quality stones.  There is nothing wrong with purchasing crystals on the internet but I prefer to meet mine in person, if possible. 

It’s a good idea to use some form of divination when direct contact is impossible.  You may ask the questions using a pendulum, muscle testing, tarot cards, or any other form that works for you.  It’s important that your intentions be clear. 

Let’s say, something leads you to look for an amethyst to find you.  Maybe you want some calming and healing energy.  You spot the perfect one on line.  How do you know if it’s “the one”? First, declare your intention. 

You might say: “It is my intention that the Divine right stone finds me, to aid me with ___________.”  Then you may use your form of validation to ask specific questions.  Follow your intuition on this. 

Or, maybe you’re in a store, you keep gravitating towards the amethyst stones in a bin, and you don’t know why.  It could be it has something to teach you.  But there are so many to choose from.  Close your eyes, and allow one to find you with your left hand, as this is your receiving hand.  When in doubt, ask the stone person.  The more you work with them, the easier it will be to feel and hear their energy. 

Once the stone comes into your keeping, there are a few things you can do to make sure it is “cleansed” of any previous energies and  ready to work with you.  You can bury them in earth or salt for a day.  Purification smoke from sage or other herbs can be used.  Or, it can be cleansed in pure water, if the stone can tolerate it.  Selenite, for example, is a stone that cannot be kept in water.   It is, however, a stone that cleans other stones.  When none of these methods are available, I use my intention and my breath to blow away all unwanted and unwelcome energy. 

Just like us, crystals need recharging.  This is accomplished by setting them in the Sun, or full moon light, or both, depending on their energy and work. 

The most important part of being a Crystal, Stone keeper is to honor the stones in your keeping.  They provide so much for us.  Not only the ground we walk upon, but they offer us history, teachings, and energy.  They give us the use of their gifts, and their unconditional love.  Please give them your Love and Gratitude. 

Future articles will include Gem Stone Elixirs, how to make and use them, and “Space Rocks” aka “the others”– where they come from, and how they can help us. 

Blessings from the Stone Kingdoms!

In Love and Light, Rev. Carrie Laughing Heart

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