Crystal Wisdom V

A Guide to Making Gemstone Elixirs

Rev. Carrie Laughing Heart


What is a Gemstone elixir?

A gemstone elixer, also known as gem water, gem elixir, gem essence, crystal tonic, and stone elixir, is water infused with the energy of stones or crystals. It is the unique vibratory energy of a crystal or stone imprinted into the auric and biophysical energy matrix of water.

These elixirs bring the healing power of a specific stone, or combination of stones to humans, plants, and animals.  Like herbs, elixirs can have a wide variety of uses.  Whether the elixirs are used externally or internally, their effects are released on all levels, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual.

The history of gem elixir use is varied and many throughout all cultures, traditions and beliefs.  Ancient Chinese people used elixirs of Jade, Hematite, and Cinnabar for longevity.  Others known to have used stone elixirs include Indians, Greeks, and medievil European.

The power of the elixer may be further enhanced during preparation, through the use of prayer, chanting, drumming, ceremony, ritual, time of day, and the position of the moon (think of high and low tides), and the planets.  Any form of vibration can affect the outcome, so maintaing a clear Intention, and focused Attention are very important.

Choosing stones to work with can be overwhelming.  It is important to know the “traits” or “gifts” the stone has to offer.  Many stones carry the same and similar energy patterns.  There are many books and information on the metaphysical properties of stones.  Two of my favorites are Love is in the Earth and The Crystal Bible (all 3 editions).

When making an elixir, the water is just as important as the stone. As I mentioned above, it carries the energy of the stone as well as the maker’s intent.. (Think of Dr. Emoto’s work.  If you aren’t familiar with his work on water, I highly recommend that you check it out!)

Not everyone has access to a clean, fresh, water source, a well, a spring, or other natural sources, but almost any water can be used. Just be aware that though some use distilled water, there are differing opinions about whether or not the heating process disturbs the water molecules in an essential way.  And rememer that mineralized water, whether from a well or a bottle, will also carry the vibration of the minerals within it.

Regardless of the type of water you use, the best approach is to place it in a covered container and leave it outdoors, where it will be bathed by solar and lunar light for at least 24 hours.  This allows the water to be purified and energized prior to use.

When mixing elixirs, you need to know that more is NOT always better.  Use as few stones as you can for your specific intention, because not all vibrations play well with others.  The more stones, the more Energy vibrations, and the “muddier”
your Elixir!

For example, the Amethyst crystal’s “gifts” include alertness, justice, and inner peace.  It is good for the skin, pain, and tension, also aids in healing, most especially grief, and loss.  If you are using it with the intent to  help with a loss, the side benefits are inner peace, less pain and tension, and increased alertness. That alone is quite a package!   But if too many stones were used the vibrations would become chaotic and confused, and usually, the potion wouldn’r work.  Or, in some cases, it might even backfire!

Methods of Preparation and use:

Cleanse your ceremonial space and ritual objects before you begin your work.  Use clean glass containers, with water tight lids for your water.  One bottle of water will make that much elixir.

DIRECT METHOD:  The gemstone is placed directly in the water.  This creates the Mother Water, as well as the elixir that will be taken from it.  Simply transfer a small amount into another glass container or spray bottle, and keep the rest until needed.

Use caution and check first to make sure that your selected stone is safe for direct method.  This is extremely important if you are creating an exlixer for internal use.

INDIRECT METHOD: This method requires two glass containers, a large one for the Mother Water, and a smaller one for the elixir.   First, create the Mother Water, as directed above.  Then gently set the small contaier of the elixer-to-be in the Mother Water.  DO NOT EMERSE!

Note: Do NOT ever use radioactive stones in either method.

ACTIVATION:  I use this term for the process of enhancement.  It is up to you to determine the time of day, season, location, intention, timing, and other elements that will go into your elixer making process.  Specific shapes, sizes, and qualities of the selected stones and crystals will be a matter of individual taste, as will be the uses of natural environments, crystal grids, dedications, implements, rituals.

A typical maker of elixers will use many different approaches, knowing that water can absorb sights, smells, tastes, feelings, and emotions, as well as the healing, cleansing, renewing, calming, invigorating, empowering energies of the mineral, stone, and crystal kingdoms.

Elixer making is understood to be a sacred activity, and careful thought and preparation should be given to the activity before it is started.  Everything that happens from the beginning of the process to end when will effect the results.

How to use:

INTERNAL USE (Use only if you have followed the indirect elixer preparation method described above) Allowing your body to direct your dosage, place drops under the tongue, or dilute them in your drinking water.    You may require more at first, and find yourself tapering off, as the elixir is absorbed.  For increased effects, it may be used externally as well.

EXTERNAL USE: Elixirs can be applied externally to target certain imbalances, and diseases.  The energy patterns will be transferred from the elixir, to the skin, and into the body.  They can be applied to plants, animals, bath water, or directly to the skin.

They may also be used as a mist or spray for clearing energy, for a space blessing and, of course, for over all well being.  People with allergies and sensitivities will experience no negative effects frose sprays.