Crystal Wisdom

An Introduction
Deborah Burton

Deborah BurtonCrystals are wonderful and magickal beings.  There are literally thousands of types of crystals that come out of the earth, and I have handled hundreds of them.  I have been working with them for many years because I am lucky enough to be able to offer them for sale on my website.   They have added so much to my life, and I am grateful that they have become such a big part of it.

I learned quickly that Crystal Beings were special.  I become their guardian until they go to their new homes and have had some incredible experiences with some of them over the years. I believe that crystals are wonderful healing tools. Crystals were definitely known and used in ancient Egypt, Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu, in both the prehistoric cultures and on into the historic era in the New World, North and South America, in the Native American cultures.

They have a very long history of use as healing tools dating back some 5,000 years as described in the annals of Chinese Medicine.  They are also referred to in ancient Buddhist, Hindu, and Egyptian medical texts, and they are mentioned in more recent Ayurvedic and acupuncture healing systems.  Humans have been using crystals as healing tools for a very long time! Almost the first thing I had to learn when I started working with crystals was not to hold them too tightly.  I have developed a very gentle but firm grip when I touch them.  That has saved me from being cut a time or two on the sharp edge of a crystal.  Did you know that crystal cuts heal very quickly?  That is especially true if you have cut yourself on Quartz.  All that lovely crystal energy starts healing you right away!

Crystals send energy out into their environment, but you are not going to receive very much energy from a crystal if it is always sitting on a shelf.  Something very special happens when human energy and Crystal Being energy work together.  I believe that the combination creates something that is wholly unique!  It is an energy that neither human nor crystal can create alone, requiring the two of you to be touching each other! Each crystal has unique metaphysical properties, although different crystals may have similar properties.

You can meditate with a crystal or two, using your intention for things that you are working on, so that the crystals can help you achieve those goals.  If you are an energy healer, you can use crystals in layouts on your clients to help heal them.  You can even send healing energy to someone you love who is far away by placing healing crystals on or near a photograph of that person or animal with the intent (from you) to heal the person or animal in some way.  You can also create crystal grids with specific intentions (i.e., world peace, to heal the world’s water and for all who would pollute the water to become enlightened).

There are so many ways to use the crystals to do good for ourselves, for those around us, and for the entire planet, or even off-world–whatever you choose to work on for the good of all! My favorite way to work with the crystal beings is to wear them.  The number of crystal pendants I have on varies, depending on what is going on in my life.  Generally I have between seven and thirteen pendants on three or four chains.  I wear many of my pendants for years, but eventually I will take some of them off because I no longer need to wear them.

Crystals have many ways of communicating with me.  Sometimes they actually use words in English!  However, I will most often get a visual image.  If I have seen a photo of a crystal somewhere, or if I might have seen a crystal at a gem show and I didn’t buy it but I should have, they will flash me a photo of that crystal to let me know.  I go back and purchase whatever it was whenever I can.  If I am talking to someone, and my guides want me to know about a crystal that person should be using, they will put a picture of that crystal in my head.  None of these things happen all the time, but they are good examples of how crystals speak to me.

Many years ago, close to the beginning of my journey with the crystals, I was at my first wholesaler’s warehouse.  It was huge and stuffed full of crystals.  I was in crystal heaven each time I went there!  Following the first two visits to that warehouse all that Crystal energy was too much for me and I actually came home and took a nap!

During one of my later visits to that wholesaler’s warehouse, I was looking at crystals on a large table. There was a bowl of 1″ Rutilated Quartz Spheres within a foot of where I was standing that I had not spotted yet.  I cannot remember what I was looking at but, all of a sudden, I heard these little high pitched voices, several of them, saying, “Pick me!  Pick me!  Pick me!” over and over again.  I turned, looked around for the source of the voices and saw that bowl of Rutilated Quartz Spheres.  I started going through them and picked a few when the noise started up again.  There was another bowl of them close by!  This is one of the few times that the crystals have actually spoken to me in English.

I’m quite sure you would have laughed out loud if you could have seen my face when that first bowl started talking to me! Next time I’ll be discussing how to cleanse and recharge your crystals.


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