Deborah Burton

Deborah Burton(2)Deborah Burton has been an intuitive healer for a number of years. Her teachers, however, are not in this plane of existence.  Soon after she started healing, she discovered that she was very much in tune with the energy of Crystals!  Her life has not been the same since.  In fact, she became so attuned to Crystals that 14 years ago she began to market them and now owns one of the Web’s largest Crystal sites,  The site is loaded with continually expanding stores of those precious Beings and also houses a treasure trove of information about them.  Choosing not to have a storefront, she sells on-line only, and ships to a large and ever expanding world-wide clientele. 

Deborah now lives in Sedona, where she arrived on the day after Christmas, 2012.  She also has also begun “an interesting sideline,” Earth Work, a practice in which she works with the “Old Ones” who live deep in the ground and act as both guardians and caretakers of Mother Earth.

You can find Deborah’s posts found under the Blog Theme Crystal Wisdom:

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