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My interest for all things spiritual and esoteric started at a young age.  I come from a unique heritage, which includes an eccentric mix of Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Croatian, Nigerian and Peruvian, the latter being the predominant culture I was raised in.

Early on in life, I discovered that my roots traced back to the ancient Andean Incan culture, more specifically to some of my ancestors roles as Paqos (Shamans) in the Q’ero traditions.  Through this early discovery, I was taught and initiated in the PachaMama (Mother Earth) ways.

This experience aroused my interest in other ancient religions, occult sciences (alchemy, astrology etc..), as well as different profound shamanic rituals and spiritual journeys, all of which nurtured my passion for the mystical aspects of life.

I was also fortunate enough to have a rich childhood full of experiences living in different places around the world such as India, where I would observe the teachings of various gurus.  These experiences opened my eyes to different beliefs, lifestyles and spiritual paths.

During this time I was exposed to challenging situations within my family that were provoked by mental illness.  (Some families have issues, mine had a whole subscription.)  More specifically, mental illness such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorders that motivated me to pursue my studies in psychology and philosophy in order to understand the human mind better, and its feeble perception of reality.

Through these studies and challenging life experiences, something was awaken inside of me; I began to see too deep and too much into the human plight, which is the universal search for something deeper, more meaningful, and more profound to fill the empty spaces within all of us.

These voids within us usually tend to be filled by religion, materialistic/egotistical pursuits and different philosophies that to the awakened person won’t be satisfying or fulfilling.  These people find dogmatic beliefs and ideas to be mere dead, superficial and empty speculations, rather than lively, meaningful experiences.

By seeing too deep and too much, I spent most of my childhood alone, making it difficult for me to connect to others.  However, within this solitude I awoke to my personal path and discovered a lot about myself and others, stimulating personal transformations that changed the way I looked at life entirely.

LonerWolf is a place where I can share my realizations, and Involution is a path that allows us to begin our spiritual journeys. Involution is the revival of an ancient teaching, that of the inner evolutionary purpose of our higher selves.

In essence, Involution is a synthesis of mysticism, using ancient spiritual philosophies and techniques, along with modern scientific discoveries in psychology, neurology and physics to name a few fields.

Currently I spend my time divided between running my Involution and Shamanic Healing practice, which helps my clients search for self-understanding, as well as assisting them in finding their life path. The other half of my time I spend writing for and maintaining this website, alongside my beautiful twin flame and best friend, Aletheia Luna.


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