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Erin D

Erin Dragonsong has been a practicing Witch for 25 years.  Raised in Catholicism, she left it behind as soon as she left home.  She learned Buddhist meditation, practiced intensive yoga, and Native Spirituality, but then learning about cultural appropriation, she decided it would be more fitting for her to follow a spirituality from her own heritage, if she could find one.  Then her brother introduced her to Wicca, and she has steadfastly followed its path since.

She is also a poet and singer – which, she believes, are key qualities for any mystic.  She is a member of the United Communities of Spirit, a network of people who participate in bridging across religious doctrine to the spirit of the Divine that is available through every religion.

Her life is dedicated to the Divine, a practice which she believes she is getting better at all the time.  This involves developing a personal relationship with the Goddess in all Her aspects, and service to the Earth and all beings.  This reawakening of the Goddess is, she feels certain, the only thing that can heal us and save the Earth.  The aim of her web site, is to inspire and guide people to reach their full potential through Wicca as a spiritual practice.  You may also wish to visit her facebook page.

Erin’s Harmonic Concordance Blog’s posts are also found under the SPIRITUAL TOOLS Theme, Wicca Spirituality:

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