Wicca Spirituality

Wicca is a diverse religion with no central authority or figure defining it.  It is divided into various lineages and denominations, referred to as traditions, each with its own organizational structure and level of centralization.  Due to its decentralized nature, there is some disagreement over what actually constitutes Wicca.  These essays by Erin Dragonsong, the proprietor of the excellent website, Wicca Spiritualityprovide a glimpse of Wicca as a powerful practice of personal and even social evolution, which is the focus of this series of articles.

Concordance Blog articles found under this Theme:

The Essence of Wicca Spirituality
A Witch’s Definition of Enlightenment
The Wiccan Three Fold Law
Welcome To The New Wicca
A Philosophy of Wiccan Belief
Meeting the Great Goddess Within


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