Field Survey III

The Noosphere

Jan Lundquist

Jan Lundquist

Jan Lundquist

Field Surveys I and II were devoted to the reporting of an assortment of facts about the observable nature of the electromagnetic field within the heart and mind and the global consciousness.  The Noosphere, the field of human thought encircling and encompassing the Earth, is the subject here. First proposed by Geochemist Validmir Vernadsky in 1926, the Nooshere is considered to be the third phase of development of the Earth after the Geosphere (inanimate matter) and the Biosphere (biological life).  Vernadsky thought that, just as the emergence of life had transformed the Geosphere, the emergence of human cognition would inevitably transform the Biosphere.

Ongoing reports of  Fukishima leaks, fracking, deforestation, and rising sea levels seem to confirm that changes are occurring as a result of the increasingly sophisticated level of human cognition.  The gloomy news is that even the best intentions of presumably intelligent, thinking people can result in an unforseen environmental backlash.  The likely reason for this is that, having gained some understanding of the brute force mechanics of the physical world, we forget that our observable world is only a small part of All That Is.

If one is willing to look for them, the web is filled with endless first person reports of experiences with and within an alternate reality*.   Though the experiences are generally brief, they are entirely real to those swept up in them.  It is as if a switch is thrown for a moment and they are shown a larger or different, supposedly impossible, slice of reality.  The randomness and variety of events that happen in that place often seem to serve no purpose other than to crack our conceptual eggs, to cause us to think bigger, to look anew at the world and wonder what else is going on out there that we are not capable of seeing?

What I have written about the Field in these essays, so far, has been limited to that which has been found to be measurable, and thus which can be demonstrated.  Very prosaic stuff, really.  With each article I hand in, Johnny says, “needs more spirit” and I reply, “just be patient.  I’m getting there.”  So here’s the rest of the message.  The Field, in its least quantifiable sense, is the residence of our greatest friend, ally, helper, healer, rescuer, nurturer, teacher, extension of Oneself.  Call it what you will: God, Allah, Wakantanka, Spirit, Creator, Life.  Even your own Higher Self, if you dare.  They all reside within the Noosphere as archetypal ideas, and we activate them – with our thoughts.  These thoughts can be of conscious intention or of mindless reaction.

Modern life is stressful. Global and regional reports seldom bring good news.  We, or our loved ones, have problems that we must tend to.  Our list of have-to-dos and need-to-dos usually exceeds the time or money available to do them.

Take a moment and think of the stressors in your own life, then look at how they make you feel.  If you find that that your anxiety level is heightened by the confrontation, then it is likely that those stressors are triggering your fight or flight hormones.  At such times our personal energetic field,  a microcosm of  the larger field within and around us, may be said to exhibit a jangle of dis-harmonic and dysfunctional  frequencies.

In Ancient Times we could have acted on the Fight or Flight impulse and been done with one confrontation before going on to the next.  Such simple solutions don’t work anymore.  Stressful events no longer happen serially, fleeing is impossible and fighting is socially unacceptable.  We must find other ways of dumping those toxic hormones, of tamping down their automatic flood.

This relief is essential if we are to approach the state of balance necessary for handling the single most important job we have, which is to feed, nurture and care for the portion of the field in our immediate vicinity, a space that can be as small or as vast as you think it to be on any given day.  Once one develops an aware and interactive relationship with this Field, many synchronicities, blessings, and teachings will follow.

IMHO, we must begin by striving to acquire self mastery, the ability to stay centered and balanced through all the ups and downs of life and end by making conscious (Field Aware) choices. **  Attending to this first will inevitably lead us to find “right relationship” in all other  personal aspects of our lives; physical, emotional, psychological, social, and spiritual.

*Cynthia Sue Larsen’s Reality Shifters
  stories and Reddit’s Glitch in the Matrix are but two among the many current repositories of such stories.
** (See Mindfulness: A New Way of Life by another one of the Concordance Blog’s Featured writers, Valerie Delffori

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