Forgiveness II

Letting Go
James Dempsey

I am a Shaman, energy healer, Reiki master, medium, and trance channel. I get a lot of information from a wide variety of what I call “mid-level guides.”  I have channeled Angels, and Ascended Masters as well, but mostly I channel these mid-level guides. These guides seem to have information that is somewhat less esoteric than what you might get from Angelic or Ascended Master sources, which tends to be considerably more practical and easy to use in our daily lives.

So, at 3 o’clock in the morning, a new guide showed up.  This guide, who seemed to be a “collective,” told me “We are Munistha.”  I asked the guide its purpose and its voice said, “We are here to help you with your next article on Forgiveness.”  So here it is.

I am often reminded of the term “Irish Alzheimer’s.” It means that you forget everything – except your grudges.  It’s funny, it’s sad, and there is a giant ring of truth to the whole thing too.  Being of mostly Irish descent, I KNOW how close this hits to home, at least for me.  The Irish are definitely getting a bad rap here because there are literally dozens of nationalities famous for the exact same issue and most folks certainly know some grudge holders among their own family and friends.  That grudge holder might even be them!!

In my previous blog we talked about why forgiveness is important.  Here we’ll learn how to do it.  Forgiveness for others is waaaaay more about forgiving yourself for your part in whatever grudge you hold anyway.  So asking for forgiveness for yourself is a great place to start.

No matter what you may think that anybody did to you, it’s important that you recognize that you played a part in it also.  You may, indeed, be a victim, but it is rare that one is completely a 100% innocent victim. So when you pray or meditate on forgiveness,

1)  First ask to be forgiven. Spirit will very likely send you a feeling of well being, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly.

2)  Ground yourself, open up your heart.

3)  Visualize a big green beam coming out of your heart from your front and from your back.  (2 beams really).

4)  Visualize black chunks of rage (or anger, or resentment) flowing out of your body in the flow of those beams. The feelings of well being from step 1 should now be more pronounced.

5)  Feel those feelings of well being within yourself and anchor them into your system. That is how it feels to be forgiven.

6)  Once you have anchored that feeling within you, you can send it out, along those very same green beams, to others, to All Your Relations, and indeed, to the the whole of the Universe.

7)  As you send your beams of light out, visualize your transgressor, and send that feeling towards him or her.  It is a proven scientific fact (it’s just physics, baby) that your heart has a greater electrical charge than your brain does.  Your heart is a much stronger transmitter of feeling than is your brain.  Visualize your transgressor, and send those feeling towards them.

Your conscious mind wants to hold grudges to protect you from having any similar situation happen again.  For the most part that is actually pretty good protection for yourself.  The conscious mind’s main job is to keep you safe, and it is often fairly good at that too.  But the heart – ahh, the heart – well the heart actually wants to let all that stuff go.

Your heart of hearts knows that holding grudges is poison, and is often the cause of lots of other physical problems.  The trick is to override your conscious mind’s programming to allow your heart to let them go.

The exercise we just discussed is an excellent way to do this.  It takes effort, it’s work, but it is do-able.  It is also very worthwhile for your mental, emotional, spiritual, and ultimately your physical well being.  Forgiving someone else is like lifting a huge weight off your own system.   Wouldn’t you like to lighten your load?   Forgive someone.



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