Huna is an ancient healing and problem solving system found in the Hawaiian Islands, Polynesia and many of other islands of the Southern and Eastern Pacific.

The word Huna, means the secret in Hawaiian.  It is possibly 2,000 years old or even older.  It is in many ways quite similar to many of the mystery schools of the Mediterranean.  Whether the ancient Hawaiians called it Huna or not, may never be known but for simplicity sake we continue to use the name the given to this body of knowledge by Max Freedom Long, who researched and wrote about it in the 1920’s.  Long gave this body of knowledge the name, Huna.

No matter who created this system, or how old it may be, it is one of the most sophisticated healing systems ever experienced.  It has answers to many of the mysteries we humans seek answers to: life and death, human physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development.  Using Huna we can better understand our physical (the body) mental (the mind), human emotions and the interrelationship of what we commonly think of as the mind, body and spiritual nature of mankind. Huna tells us who we are and why we are here and what life is really all about.  Huna can change your life, it can give you and your life new meaning and purpose. You will, once you understand Huna, recognize who you are and why you are living in this particular time and place.

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