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Jo Amidon is a conscious channel/spirit communicator, intuitive counselor, empath, teacher, “water witch”, mother, grandmother, author of “Where Are You Really From?” a book on our planetary origins and numerous articles.  She is also the creator & webmaster of Light and is herself Pleiadean/Angelic in origin.  Jo has been communicating with spirit since 1993 and lives in Texas.  She works with higher self & multidimensional self communication combined with angelic energies and The Teachers of The Universal Mind during intuitive counseling.  She can be contacted by E-mail. 

You can find Jo’s posts under the Blog Theme Teachers of the Universal Mind:

A Brief History of Creation 
The Higher Self
Creating Your Reality
Making Things Work in Spiritual Relationships
Energy and Thoughts
On Being Allowing

Also From Jo:

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  1. Comment by Robert:

    Redemption/Salvation, what “way out” exists for a lost SOUL that “has been had” by other levels of Energies and now distrusts the “Higher” Energies just as much as the “Lower” Ones? A response would be appreciated. Thanks Jo.

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