John Lennon in Heaven

Part I of a conversation with
Linda Keen

Linda Keen

Linda Keen

Linda Keen’s prose reads like the most engaging novel, with a perspective that is convincingly positive, loving and respectful. She offers new appreciation for John’s complexity and compassion, as well as for the flawed humanness and passions that perhaps helped make his music so great.  The book pays homage to him – as a musical genius, a father, husband, and as a person who deeply loved life and was committed to world harmony.  Every page celebrates his profound messages of peace, his beliefs in humanity’s Divine nature, and his own reverence for the magic of the creative Spirit.

As she says in this interview, it had been a long time since she had read her own book, but in these conversations with Johnny Mirehiel she remembers enough of it to reminisce about what her own experiences were like in “Heaven.”

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Part II

Part III


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